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  1. Good Game
    Game is great only complaint is it constantly cuts off in the middle of playing and you have to restart a mission. Other than that really fun compared to other zombie games. Would give a 5 star rating if it didn’t crash all the time.
  2. Good Game
    Very good zombie game. It's like Dead Trigger 2 but military style and the 1v1 deathmatch is fun to play. Wish there was 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 or something like that. By the way the game is fun.
  3. Please update Dead trigger 1 for 11.
    I want to play dead trigger 1 but I can’t cause it’s only available for 1.9.0 and later or 4.2.0 please update I have Dead trigger 2 and Unkilled because I’m trying a roleplay and I need to complete it by getting Dead trigger 1 it will be on YouTube, Please update.
  4. It’s nice! :)
    It’s a nice game the developers did a flawless job. But,all the constant upgrades is getting pretty annoying I knew it was a reason I stopped playing this game before.Maybe if you could get upgrades through ads that’d be great but the game does not give you enough cash or gold to do so.But I’m not going to be those game obsessed idiots that spend a fortune on a game that puts a hole in your wallet when I can play my zombie game on my Xbox one that only packs and upgrades for $1.99 it’s called State of Decay :)
  5. Great game! But I wish the contrast is the same as dead trigger.
    In my opinion, the color is too bright and the speed is too slow. Of course, you have to earn it. I love that it has multiple campaigns! Good job!
  6. Get rid of the lag cheat and the “player disconnect” cheat
    Update 12/22/2017 You gotta fix the cheaters!! The lag cheat is still real and ruins the game! Why cheat to get rating? It means nothing! “Opponent disconnect” get rid of this mfg! I will not spend a dime on a game that can’t even figure out cheaters!! Back to one star guys DO BETTER!!! And don’t say report them because they change their freakin names!!! Old: FINALLY! ok mfg you fixed the bugs and added some new weapons.. bravo! Here’s my final review, hopefully... Fantastic! Epically addictive! Can’t stop playing.. will be buying the new weapons. Can’t beat the PVP now and the storyline was great while it lasted. Campaign is good for gettin no free stuff too! Great job guys! I’m leaving my old review as a reminder though!! 5 stars OLD: There is a glitch that prevents firing a weapon on multiplayer when a flash bang is thrown after the first kill.. back to one star.. seriously isn’t it your job to program? Do better! I’m done! By mfg OLD: The crash is killing me on the multiplayer.. Even worse it blocks me from playing when it crashes!! ------few flaws. Work them out and 5 star! Crash after missions/ multiplayer. Free gold sometimes works. Overall 1.5 stars
  7. fun zombies
    gun auto reloads at random times. even in the middle of a surround it will sometimes decide to reload. please allow us to turn off auto reload (manual only) wishing for graphics settings, game would look much nicer if it was smooth it would also be nice if we can change 3d touch to shoot (fire weapon), with on screen button for zoom getting frequent crashes during story mode
  8. Need iPhone X support. But, this game is awesome.
    Guys any support coming for iPhone X???waiting for it
  9. Cant play on the iPhone X!!!
    Would’ve given this game 5 stars up until the last update ruined the interface! Went full screen which means you can’t access half the permanent controls. Can’t update the Bestiary because controls overlap each other. Can’t get at a lot of stuff because it’s offscreen. Edges are constantly interfering with games. Really dump update, please fix this ASAP!
  10. Great game
    This is one of my favourite games of all time now, great game.
  11. Crashing
    One day my unkilled just started to crash for no apparent reason. I uninstalled it, but that didn't work. I do not know why but i think that it is a great game
  12. Awesome game
    I didn't get bored in this game it's to much fun the game I ever played after dawn of titans
  13. awesome!!!
    great game, easy to navigate, runs very well on ios 10.3.2 cheers!
  14. Best zombie game I ever played!!!!!!! Not kidding
    this game has awesome picture quality and awesome affects.THIS ONE IS BETTER THAN DEAD TRIGGER 2!!!u should get this game if u haven't!! I'm really surprised that it didn't cost to download it. The game is very frightening and scary. AWSOME GAME,the best in the world.
  15. Still crashes
    Update didn't fix the problem, it still ends up crashing, takes me to my home screen in the middle of my game, plz fix i like the game but will love if i can play without problems..
  16. A fun game, with a few issues
    This game is super fun to play. Lots of upgrades and levels to keep you busy, but the voice-acting is terrible, and I keep getting disconnected from online multiplayer games, and then berated with automated, passive-aggressive “you better not disconnect during a match again or else” messages.
  17. Best Game Ever!!!!
    I really love this game. It is the best game I have ever played. I really like the storyline and everything. There is only one thing that this game needs. I want better PVP. I got bored just fighting one on one. I want this game to have team fights. Overall, This game deserves a 5-star rating.
    Ive played all the dead trigger games and this is just a newer version of that in my opinion, not much to complain about other than the constant upgrades you have to do to participate in missions but thats really minor, great game developers, keep up the good work. With all the crap games on the app store its nice to see madfinger games constantly deliving GREATNESS! Keep up the good work. Great app support, had problems with account and developers addressed and fixed problem very quickly. Looking forward to there new game.
  19. iPhone X Support
    If your on the X everything is all mashed up and hard to navigate within the game.
  20. Please fix for iPhone X
    I enjoyed the update, however, it smashed things together on iPhone X so I'm unable to increase the damage for my beastiary because the list on zombies is in the way. I definitely like that it fills the whole screen on my phone but not if it's like this.


What`s new

- New revamped Epic version of the popular Bren assault rifle
- Stormbringer fire rate increased by 10%
- Double chance of blueprint drop
- Blueprints remain in inventory when the mission failed
- If a player disconnects in the coop, the leader can finish the game alone
- Players are auto-revived at the end of each round
- Improved auto-aim assist
- Weapon equip slots are now universal, accepting all weapon types
- A number of gameplay and UI bug fixes