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  1. Not the best game
    Not the best thing I have ever played
    Why do people think pregnant moms can make a great game?
  3. Very frustrating but also fun
    So here's what I don't like. I don't like how the baby is always a boy. That's kind ove sexist because usually little girls play and they normally want girls. Also you have to wait for the mom to have a thought bubble to go to the next level (you could just go home and switch there)but other than that the game is good.
  4. Don't get it
    You only have a few things to do than you have to pay for the other activities and I would give it a zero if I could
  5. This game is a joke!
    If we have to pay for everything then that should be the buying price. It's absolutely stupid that you pay an obnoxious amount of money for an obnoxious game in the first place, then it only allows you to play 3 things without paying an even more unrealistic amount to play the rest! This app isn't worth a dollar and you want people to pay $10+ for it. No more TabTales here.
  6. Fantastic
    Cool update! Thanks for bug-fixes - now this game is much better!
  7. Wrong
    I love this game you are wrong
  8. Horrible game
    This game is horrible because you have to unlock everything with real money and all the babies are boys and there is no girls so you know what gender of the baby the mom is going to have.
  9. Unacceptable
    Why do we have to pay to unlock the brown baby? I can understand paying for the accessories, but for a baby when the Mother is clearly displayed in the app? #targetingmuch?
  10. -___-
    It doesn't seem to like, work....I mean, The App Store SAYS its done loading! But it's not done in reality! 'cuse when I view it it says installing with the little blue bar at the bottom of the app when I view it at my home page! This is sooooo annoying!!! :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You should make a update where the dad and grandparents match the baby and the mom skin tone, and have all of them look different because all the girls have the same husband and it looks like he's a pervert
  12. Great game
    i like game but rubbing the lady foot that gross! And when I'm at the doctor office they all give weird looks. other than that it's a good game
  13. Come to me
    If you have any apps reply because I'm checking every good app
  14. No way worth
    Well, I got this app took 2 days to download. She only had a boy. My little cousin hated it she said it was fake and that she didn't like how it was ALWAYS a BOY!
  15. Not worth it
    delete... obviously a big company trying to rip my kid off...too many other games you can download and get much more for free, don't expect it all to be free but dang this is ridiculous. Seriously go try Baby Fairies or iMommy...more worth it for young kids.
  16. 1 star
    Like Baby Monsters game better..this game is too expensive
  17. There are better versions of the same app
    Aside from the fact that this app is a total rip off of a previous one, it isn't any good. You have to pay for practically everything and when you accidentally click on some items it makes you watch a video ad that you CAN'T exit out of! It doesn't make any sense to put video ads in an app for small kids, especially when you can exit out of it.
  18. Not good
    okay game..bit voice a bit annoying still kinda fun. My daughter get's more out of the iMommy games.
  19. Here's the big thing
    Pathetic absolutely pathetic this game is all stupidly fake! It only shows you a boy only not a girl how dare you did that without having a baby girl how racist are you oh the ingredients are the same thing as crazy clinic has it freezes also when you touch too much buttons and when changing diapers it smells in every 11 seconds and the baby will cry for no reason I will celebrate you when your fired of making real money on games and the artwork is creepy and ugly of the baby because the baby has Giant eyes small mouth and tiny nose this has the big thing So this game is also Excuse able when buying the whole thing if you want to buy the whole thing if you cut blonde mommy's hair she would look like Annie from magic tree house series. And the same thing the tools the purchase and the artworks. How pathetic Also one more thing if the babies were like that in real life with giant eyes small mouth and tiny nose I would be freaked out and die!
  20. Not what it says..
    can't get this unless you buy...blah blah blah...ugh! At least with iMommy baby games I get lots of free the alien baby


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