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  1. So cute
    This app is so cute and fun to use with my son.
  2. All-in-One-for-Kids
    Cute app! My 5 year old daughter love it!
  3. Okay
    Too simple, not as good as expected.
  4. Okay
    It's nothing special but it works well
  5. Okay
    It's okay. Worth to try it .99 cents
  6. Cute app
    It's a cute app and fun to use with my kids
  7. Fun for little ones
    Nice to have something educational for my child to play with. With 8 I'd of them, no crying.
  8. Jury still out
    I really don't like the painfully slow monotone computer voice. It's weird that fruits like guava and jackfruit come way before oranges and grapes. I didn't recognize some of these fruits and I'm 32. Also very disappointed that you don't get to guess what thing the word is. It just tells you. Will have to wait to test it on my nephews. Maybe they will think it's more fun than I do.


What`s new

Included Games in every section,improved audio quality ( child sound ) ,Interface is modified for easy usage.