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  1. Hey! Wake up!!!
    Hey! Hutch!!! Wake up!!! Are you even working on this game anymore?! We need to have an update!!! It gets boring without new stuff and this game has so much potential!! You guys did such a good job!!! Please continue! That’s all I ask. Please. Amazing game!
  2. Amazing
    The game is really fun and good to kill boredom. I just really wish you could save progress across devices. I played this game for a year on my old iPad and really wish to save the progress to my new iPhone 7
  3. WOW
    It’s very fun but it glitches out every time I login
  4. Smash Bandits
    This is the best Racing game on the iphone
  5. Amazing But Crashes A Lot
    Ok so I don’t know if they fixed the issue of crashing or if it was just a problem with my iPhone 6... But it is not a problem anymore. Still 4 stars though because I wish that there were more cars and that they updated the game more. There are so many things they could do to make this game even better but, honestly I feel like they might have dropped the game and new stuff will no longer be added...
  6. Read
    Now, i had this game on meh dads ipad and that was in like 2015 and he deleted it (the bastard) so i have been searching for it and now, i have found the best game ive ever played, bandits
  7. Great game
    Ok so I’ve had this game forever and I love it! The game is really good to play if you run out of data on the road. Only thing is that it doesn’t have online which would be cool. Also I’ve unlocked all the gold paint jobs
  8. Awesome
    This game is so cool more please
  9. Crashing
    Great 5 star game but after the new iOS update all it does is freeze and crash. (iPhone 6 User)
  10. Never gets old
    Been playing this for a year now. Great on plane rides since you don't need an internet connection.
    This game is the bomb kinda hard when you get hurt all the time though but I'm writing this because you know those intros with you wrecking everything well I had the same one the whole time I played today please fix this
  12. Damage system is BD
    It's a fun game but the lightest scrape on the side damages you and if you buy a cop car to continue the run literally touching anything damages you which is the most frustrating thing and makes this game annoying to play
  13. Great
    I had this game when I it was 2013 and accidentally deleted it now I re downloaded it and it still is great
  14. Used to have it
    I had this game like 3 years ago and I loved it!! Then I couldn't find it like 2 years later and finally I found the game again and STILL love it!!
  15. Love It!!!
    This game is the bomb get this game people if you like smash cops because this is way better!!
  16. Awesome!!!!
    This game is so cool! It's easy,fun and easy to learn. I looked at some other reviews and they say it was a fun game. I agree with them! That's' why I rate it 5 stars!!!!!!
  17. Amazing game!!!!!!!!!
    This game is awesome! I've been looking for a game like this, and finally, I found it. Good job Hutch ltd.
  18. Stupid
    U have to pay to start a mission virtual money but still and it's one of those games that u have to upgrade or you ant play the game completely stupid
  19. Smooches
    Still love this after all these years
  20. I love this game
    Ok this game has me on this iPad playing all day until the battery dies we need more cars more updates and an online mode when other players are driving around and driving away from the cops some crews online races thanks for the guys who created this game


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