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  1. Cool game
    I really like this game is fun and challenging I wish the vehicles look more aggressive also it should show you some strategy on the water levels and maybe have some training
  2. Awesome!
    Fun game. Not very many adds, so you can play a lot before having to watch a 30 second video. Definitely addicting!
  3. Upgrades don't do much
    Fun game. Only complaint so far is this. I have to upgrade each and every vehicle I own. Total cost of coins won and gifted about 20,000. Then supposedly when I max out the upgrades on a vehicle I can import the next higher version of the same one. Well IT DOES NOT WORK. Fix it. Apparently my review is not being posted. I still cannot Import my new vehicle. Also at bottom of screen it says upgrade for FREE. It doe not work. DOWNGRADING MY RATING TO A 1.
  4. Good game
    This was a good game for awhile but now every time I am playing a level my game freezes I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but nothing works
  5. Marcello and Gainluca Cangialosi
    My cousin has this game and I think it is really fun to play
  6. Beach balls make my car explode
    This game so annoying the physics are trash how does a BEACH BALL make my car explode it’s so annoying then here comes the ads after every dang race so trash
  7. Awesome game!!!!!
    It is so much fun and you can upgrade your car or you could get a new car and there’s a bunch of fun maps this game is awesome!!!
  8. Best game ever
    What a fun game it is so much fun you must play I’m hooked thanks for a great game
  9. Awesome
    Love the game cool cars and cool tracks keep up the good work
  10. Fun so far
    I'm enjoying this game so far. When I get to the other races we'll see how difficult it becomes.
  11. Coolest hill climbing game.
    A lot cooler than any hill climb games. Easy to advance to get new power ups and new vehicles.
  12. It’s addicting
    It’s fun, addicting and if you wanna spend money you can but I didn’t have to. There’s plenty of ways to gain with this game.
  13. U can’t walk away!!!
    Fun game usually I play once twice then deleat but this one is really fun. I play it every day.
  14. I like it
    I am enjoying this game so far, it's a good way to pass the time while waiting. Thanks for making such a fun and addictive game Hutch
  15. Delete...delete...DELETE!!
    My god, I've seen greedy, offensive money grabs in my day but you guys take the cake. Your greed, coupled with the impossible physics are NOT enticements to make us open our wallets! What's wrong with you, seriously? If you honestly think that your game is enduring enough to keep us engaged, you'd best think again. As in racing, slow and steady wins the race. A great analogy for what you guys have gotten completely wrong. Very foolish, and an EPIC fail. Now you have zero chance of increasing your revenue stream with me as a customer. Deleted.
  16. Cool game
    Looks good, plays well. Any purchase get rid of ads. Decent little game!
  17. Thieves
    Spent time and money on this just to have it kick me off and start all over. With none of my purchases.
  18. Cool
    Awesome game can't get enough grate time burner
  19. Dumb game
    Really? You can even manually tilt the vehicle yourself. Useless game.
  20. Horrible game
    You know that really crapy game that is better than this


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