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  1. Just what I've been looking for!
    The only regret I have about switching from Windows to Apple has been the loss of the game Chicken Attack- I loved it! Now I have a very similar game here, so glad I found it!
  2. Fairy Treasure
    Forgot to say in my previous review that the game is way to short,ought to have many more levels. Hope you will add them! Woogly44
  3. Crashes
    I don't know why every time I open the game it just won't load and it's happening constantly. Help
  4. Awesome
    Best game ever. More levels. Harder difficulty. MORE!
  5. Fun and addictive
    Has a very addictive quality of "just one level more". Breakout with neat twists, including mischievous fairies that put back blocks you've cleared.
  6. Lots of Fun, great graphics
    Love this game! Excellent brick breaker game with great graphics. The paddle is a good size on my IPad but may freeze for a second which could lead to issues on harder levels. I still give it 5 stars as this brick breaker is the best looking/playing one I've seen in such a long time! Thank you developers & please look into paddle freeze ups, but please don't take touch controls away.. :-)
  7. Wonderful game!
    This game is a fantastic leap beyond the old brick out game. It adds fanciful, fun details and has great paddle control. Well work the price!
  8. Not User friendly at all
    This game will not allow user to listen to music or podcasts in the background. According to support, (they answer quickly to their credit), they used a different platform than other other games (bubble bust). They said it should be fixed by next update. That update came and went. Obviously they just want to collect their $$ and make empty promises.
  9. Mr
    Good game paddle ok with stylus but to small for big fingers
  10. Good
    Good game, no problems. With that being said they need to work on moving paddle, little hard with big fingers
  11. Fun game
    Really nice graphics. Simple yet fun game.
  12. Love the graphics !!
    Game is great!! Power ups are great!! A little small for iPhone. It would be perfect for iPad!
  13. Freezes up
    Paddle freezes up during the game and causes you to lose many lives! Frustrating! Otherwise, good graphics and a decent game
  14. addictive
    i find it addictive. but once you are done with all the levels, that's it. you can always reset the whole game though.
  15. Fun and addictive!
    I have played this game for years and I never get tired of it! More levels please!
  16. Fairy treasure
    One of those games with a funny title, but a very suprisingly good gameplay. Easy to play, very fun, and replayable. Excellent.
  17. Fairy treasure
    Good game so far. Freezes at times, but fun.
  18. It crashes...
    It crashes at the beginning and immediately closes the app!
  19. It's ok
    My favorite power up is strong balls.
  20. Fun!
    Graphics and music are charming and it has a fun, arcadey feel with interesting power-ups. I only wish the ball didn't look so similar to random debris and you could move the paddle relative to where you touch not necessarily on the paddle itself.


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