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  1. Awesome game
    I love this game, definitely one of the best games that I have played!!!
  2. Good game. Lousy ending.
    The game was great, but the ending was abrupt and left a huge plot hole. "Sequel" had better wrap it up.
  3. Big bug~
    It stoped when I finish finding the objects,so I can't continue to play this amazing game~Helpplease~。
  4. The cursed ship
    Love it. I wish they had more games like this for the 12+ age range!
  5. Good game
    I want to receive the continue game.
  6. Great game
    This game is great love it very much
  7. Okay, but
    Fun, but finding clues can be difficult without using the hint button.
  8. Fun but abrupt ending
    Really enjoyed the game, but the ending was strange and very abrupt. I thought I would be playing for a bit longer and then the credits were rolling! Oddest ending ever! The rest was fun!
  9. Enjoyable
    Love the G5 games. Keep me entertained for hours and also keep my brain sharp if I don't use the hints
  10. Good game
    Kept me engaged until early am, so I could finish the entire thing
  11. Fun and lengthy but...
    I hate having to use the Hint button constantly because I would feel clueless as to what my next step would be sometimes. Overall very enjoyable though. Thanks!
  12. Amazing
    Fun game and kept me interested. I very much enjoyed it. Thumbs up to the staff of this game. 10/10 recommend
  13. Game is fun
    Graphics are nice. Hidden objects are fun. Characters are a bit too cartoonish but game is all right so far
  14. Great storyline, fun puzzles!
    G5 makes the best mystery games! This one has a fun story, with good graphics and option to make puzzles harder or easier if you allow hints. Great game!
  15. Fun
    Very fun game. Hard to put down.
  16. Good entertainment
    Fun, good graphics. I enjoyed very much.
  17. very interesting game!
    i like g5 game! very interesting game!
  18. Nono
    Veryyy very enjoyable game I can't keep my phone away I really enjoyed with this game
  19. High Caliber Hidden-Object Game
    I play a lot of these games and this has been one of the most enjoyable ones! The story is fun and has plenty of twists! The art is beautiful and detailed. The hidden object portion is also very fitting (the things don't stick out obviously). Would definitely recommend for a few great hours of fun! :))
  20. Fun game
    I enjoyed the puzzles and storyline of this game. Def recommend to play