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  1. Great poker app
    Good app to waste time and love poker at the same time
  2. I like it.
    Very familiar pay to improve model but it's pretty loose and I have played for many hours without being force to spend money.
  3. Great game poker rpg card time killer
    This is a great game , a ton of fun and good time killer Add my invite id 38984883 Or just add me in game
  4. Fantastic game concept
    Great game concept that refreshes old mechanics
  5. I love this game.
    Very fun, reasonable timers, quit a bit of depth
  6. Don't waste your time.
    Really enjoyed this game. Lots of potential. Im changing my rating to 1 star for how the developers treat players. Breakdown of what happened: Saved up for a very long time to upgrade a unit. Did not upgrade the it upgrades for other people. Emailed support- they reply "skills aren't guaranteed to upgrade" thats it? So this is why I'm mad- if you look on the forum, someone else had the same problem- on a much stronger card- they upgraded it and the skill did not upgrade. However, the devs responded by "fixing" the problem. This game's devs pick and choose who to help or not. Imho, this is not the way you treat players if you want to grow.. So I deleted the game and said screw it. I have written to Apple about this developer's practices. Tldr; Don't recommend the download.
  7. But
    I love the concept of the game but it always crashes
  8. Fraudulent Purchases
    Do not download this application! If you do, never authorize or make any in-app purchases. Your account can be fraudulently charged, and iTunes will not take appropriate security action to protect its customer from any possible wrong doing.
  9. Great game, but
    Super fun, but the pvp is ridiculous. Everyone has cards that deal over 1000 damage every turn, and your max hp is 3000
  10. Amazing Game!!!
    Almost Perfect. My only complaint is the cost of the gems.
  11. Soo fun
    Great game, great support and the poker is fun and addicting. Keep the updates coming!
  12. Ummm
    Will be deleting this game soon. I first thought it was a solid game, but after upgrading several characters to MAX I found instead of going to the promote side they simply disappear. So all that time spent for nothing... No Bueno.
  13. Awesome mix of games
    This game is great with the mixture of an RPG, TCG, and poker. The only thing I don't like about the game is that the chips you earn during battle don't convert to gold or something useful after the battle is won. But other than that last part, totally worth the download.
  14. Cross genre and extremely polished
    AAA mobile game with lots of depth. Art, gameplay and sound are all top notch. The poker-style combat system sets it apart from other casual RPGs. Can't recomend enough!!!
  15. Fun and different
    Love the way the persuad the poker aspect. Definently someghibg to check out
  16. Awesome!!!
    It's a pretty addictive way to play a little casual poker.. Can't stop playing it!
  17. Awesome!!!
    Add me as an Ally! 38956986 Please add I cloud support! Keep updates coming.
  18. Fantastic and addicting game!
    This a great and exciting game! What's cool is that the game helps instruct you as you play so learn as you play. Great graphics too! Great job Fat Rascal!
  19. Fun game !!
    If you like puzzle and dragons you will like this game! Very similar concept and play style .. However the price to roll for new cards ( like the dragon egg Machine) is a little bit too high. Otherwise fun game that keeps me entertained for hours
  20. Great combo
    Great combo of poker and a rp card game.


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