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  1. Just one thing...
    I love this game! Just got it and can’t stop playing it! But, I don’t like that you can’t control your hero’s during battles. Please fix this! Other than that, this is a great game
  2. Woah
    All I can say is amazing. Only problems you run out of things to do until timers run out or you pay real money and oh boy they charge a lot for such little items they give.
  3. Fun
    Fun and easy to pick up game
  4. Great game!
    I love that I don’t have to pay to win at this game. The game is a lot of fun. Giving this game 4/5 instead of 5/5 because of the level requirements in the campaign.
  5. Love it
    Easy to play and also fun to play when your downloading all your steam games on your pc
  6. Doesn’t save over cloud game center and you can’t relogin
    I was a level 41 when I accedently deleted the game and when I reinstalled it I couldn’t get my progress back no matter what I did, my account name was cherryBOMB and if requested by the developer I will give my password so you can get me my account back, but I did have a lot of fun playing it
  7. Cool
    It’s cool to see a game where lives and other things like in game purchases don’t get in the way of you playing and leveling for hours. I’m able to keep up with people who buy stuff in game and still enjoy the game!
  8. Verrrrryy addicting
    I would recommend this game because there is so much to do
  9. Review
    Decent game. Fun, easy to play. Language translation could use work.
  10. не плохая игра
    ета игра харошая но не хватает чевота ешё более епика или екшена а ишё ета игра лихка в прохождеии но можно дабавить не много сложность
  11. Boooorrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnggggggg
    This game isn’t fun at all, and in truth gives you no freedom at all, due to the fact that you do not get any freedom for the first ten minutes of the game! Also, once you pass the first 15 minutes of being told what to do, the game is insanely boring to the point where investigators should make it’s torture victims play it for answers! And the ads made the game look fun and strong, which I can now see was false advertising, and so I do not even believe that one star is a low enough score.
  12. Balanced and fun
    Could have a better loading speed but that's a nitpick
  13. The requested review
    The game just prompted me to leave a review, which probably means I'm just about to hit a wall that I won't be able to get past without paying (but haven't just yet, so that I'll leave a positive review). I have been enjoying the game so far, though I can certainly see the potential for it turning into a pay-to-play game very quickly. Another reviewer's comment that the casino wheel is rigged is absolutely right...and I like SeekingRPG's review complaining about the game being targeted to 12-year-old boys. I'm male and much older than that and so don't mind all the femaleness being pushed in my face, nor do I think much of it (I can tell you the breasts in this game are nowhere near as ridiculously oversized and prominently-placed as the ones in, say, Heroes of Incredible Tales), but I agree that that is overwhelmingly the style of Asian games, and while it does serve as effective eye-candy for males of various ages, there should at least be a balance between that and such eye-candy for the female of the species. I think in doing that, the developers are just playing to their largest audience, which is the 12-year-old boys market. While more females are playing video games these days, I think they're probably still in the minority by a large margin. And sadly, most game developers these days are in it primarily to make money, so they do what all moneymaking ventures do and attempt to appeal to the largest market segment possible. Anyway, I'm enjoying the game will enough so far; this kind of idle-time game really appeals to me because I've always loved processes that I can set in motion and then forget about while they take care of themselves (this is why I can enjoy doing laundry :). If and when I do hit a pay wall, or the game jumps the shark of complexity the way HIT eventually did, I'll bail. But for now, I'm enjoying it. Update: I’ve got an iPhone X now, and I don’t know whether it’s that or that the game hasn’t been updated for iOS 11 or what, but sometimes the game stops responding to touches and I have to quit and re-launch it, and I just tried to buy a weekly package and the game complained that my device is “abnormal“ and that I should “contact the official customer service”.
  14. Addictive
    Easy to play with a lot of character to develop.
  15. I love this and I just started playing this!!
    I downloaded this yesterday and I already love it!! Every5ing about the game is good! The graphics,automatic battles etc. Overrall I love it!
    * making it a six star game
  17. Can’t play
    I can’t play since yesterday. It is not connecting at all... whats going on?
  18. I can not even play the game
    After tapping to play the game and the in game update; the game boots out.
  19. Good game!
    It's fun, free to play, and because it's new you stand more of a chance against other strong players, unlike Clash of Clans and Summoner's War, which have been out for years.
  20. Solid play value
    Starting up is a breeze and engaging for my kids. Game value is great offline + leveling system doesn't provide a disconnect between playing and grabbing exp, loot etc.


What`s new

1. New Forest Hero: Garuda.
2. Added a new limited event: Lucky Wishing Fountain.
3. Xia Limited Skin: Sword of Storms is online.
4. Other game optimizations and BUG fixed.