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  1. Awesome.
    This game is perfect. I'd buy another game like this in a heartbeat!!! ❤️ I replay it every year because I love the story so much. Fantastic music!!! Amazing. Wish there was a sequel.
  2. Awesome
    One of my favorite games, please make a sequel!! Music on point.
  3. Moving
    Iv never had such a mesmerizing audio/visual experience with a smartphone game before. Can't stress how great this is.
  4. 20/10
    An excellent game; great music, great story and beautiful music. Perfect combined.
  5. Constant gong noise when you check everything
    Aayush Parker
    Tap your way through adventure. Constant gong noise is annoying. Way boring. I get it, it's "artsy" if there isn't an explanation of the game. But what's your explanation for you playing it? Somewhat good music drowned out by gong noises every time you tap something of interest? I'm not looking for the next best thing with this game. But I lost interest really quick.
  6. Changed my perspective on mobile games; must buy
    I thought all iOS games were made for the primary purpose of sucking money out of gullible people willing to pay multiple times to enjoy all a games content. Well now I've been proven wrong. This game is astonishing. It's the prettiest 2D game I've ever played. Quite hard to believe this is 7 years old even. Buy this game.
  7. Dreaming of a sequel
    If you can't figure this game out, you don't deserve to review it. The story, music, and gameplay are very cool and captivating. It's not for anyone looking for flashing lights and instant gratification from alarms and dings. Probably one of the best mobile phone games I've ever played. A random guy who longs for games like the late SNES RPGs he grew up with highly recommends this game.
  8. Don't waste your money
    What else is there to say, don't waste your money like I did.
  9. Classic and amazing
    Loved it back in the day. Still love it today.
  10. Seriously..
    This is one of my favorite mobile-app games I've ever played!!
  11. What a Game!
    This game is one of a kind, nothing else like it. If you haven't tried it, do. There's nothing else to say.
  12. Spectacular.
    The soundtrack is 1/2 of the game for me, and this game's soundtrack is AMAZING. Oh, and it shines in every other aspect as well, in graphics, storyline, and game play. When I finished the game for the first time, I thought about it for days afterwards. Buy it, and support the geniuses who made this top-notch piece of entertainment.
  13. Beautiful
    Terrific pacing, great music, beautiful design. Definitely recommend using headphones.
  14. Fun but annoying
    If I knew I'd have to wait around for moon phases, I probably wouldn't have bought this game.
  15. Rocking soundtrack and gorgeous graphics
    All other reviews spell out the positives, and I am not even an rpg guy - but wow I loved every minute of this....can't believe it took me so long to buy. Seriously, probably the best soundtrack to an iOS game I've ever beautiful, dreamlike and moving. Works do well with the game and its gameplay.
  16. Way Cool
    I'm upgrading my review to excellent. The first time I tried to play was on my iPhone and it was a disaster as the screen is way too small to see what's going on. Let's say I was a bit frustrated and leave it at that. Anyway, I played today on my iPad and - ta da- S&S is everything I was promised by reviews: artistic and innovative graphics; appealing soundtrack; a challenging game and best of all, a slightly snarky vein of humor that makes this entertainment rather than a battle game. There is a bit of sword action required - which is so not my thing but it works here. In the past I would have avoided the game for that reason but I'm actually having fun with it. Old dog, new tricks. Hmm, will the wonders never cease? As such, it's worth the small price- Highly recommended. Oh, btw, no directions. One must think. Kudos to the creators. (Your minds would be very interesting places to visit)!
  17. Boring
    All you do in this game is mash your screen and solve simple puzzles. The UI is confusing and very opaque on what your goal is in the game. Should be free, I lost $5 to this...
  18. I haven't finished but.......
    This game is very interesting, keeping you on your feet and curious. The art is gorgeous. The concepts are very clever and shocking. The puzzles were confusing at times but I ended up finding the answer once I put it down for like a year. I haven't completely finished the game, but I already know that it deserves a sequel. Great job on this outstanding experience.
  19. Great game
    Loved this! Beautiful and fun calm game
  20. Boring
    I like puzzle games. I like RGP games. I have a fond memory of retro arcade games and 8-bit graphics. I did not get into this game. It was much too slow paced and boring. When I discovered why the combat system was like (no depth, just mashing the screen to attack or block), I decided there was nothing to keep me from deleting the game and moving on. The most interesting idea was that you rotate your phone to draw your weapon and transition to combat - a cool idea that other better games should adopt.


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