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  1. Annoying
    No way to turn off annoying and battery sapping vibration. No sound/volume controls either. Why do developers ignore the need for basic settings?!? Gane is pretty basic and boring too. Deleted!
  2. Not very good
    First off, the game isn't that much fun, after the first 3 seconds of launching the app I just want to press home and play a non unity game, please take the time and make it right, it's not that hard to build a game engine in c++. The tilt controls really need a update, and maybe a way to see the strength of the force applied when tilting. Also the menu image really needs an update, positioning scaled game objects isn't that appealing, just make a fancy image in some photo tool.
  3. My First Game . . .
    in a long, long time. It was fun and I'll play a lot more, especially at work. (Don't tell the boss!)
  4. Fun little shooter
    Think Space Invaders meets Asteroids. Nice little game, especially for free.
  5. Lucky
    Fun game that gets addictive after a few plays!


What`s new

Auto rotate to both Landscape views
Updated graphics
iPad support
Optimized game play for older devices
Fixed the no internet bug that could cause the game to crash