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    Honestly, I love the game and want to experience everything it has to offer. The only thing is how my iPad told me that this game is outdated and my cause a few glitches here and there. SO PLEASE, DEVELOPERS, UPDATE THIS GAME TO MAKE IT COMPATIBLE WITH THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY!!!!
  2. Unpredictably hard
    Easy sometimes, then for no reason gets way too hard
  3. YOWZERS!!!!!!
    Oh my freakin gosh! This fricken thing is amazing! It tickled all five of my fricken senses to be completely honest with all of ya gewnin font-lovers! As a matter of fact, my fingertips are still tingling, my nose hairs are standing up straight, my taste buds are sizzling, my ears are ringing, and my eyes are actually crossed. Holy fricken moly I haven't stopped playing this game for a fricken week, man, it's incredible much love.
  4. What?
    I've seen a walk throw of the game and but I can't open the game for sum reason what the heck apple. Over all I give it 4 stars.
  5. Some suggestions...
    I love this game. Great educational game about fonts. Speaking of fonts, I think you should add a myriad pro level set. That is the font Apple uses. That would be great.
  6. Incredible
    This game was beautifully created. Pop your headphones in and immerse yourself into a incredibly executed experience.
  7. Buggy, unstable and ultimately unplayable.
    Which is really too bad. It was a lot fun and quite beautiful until I got further and further into it. Then the slow down started and the skipped frames and the huge lag in control response. I made it to Helvetica but I can go no further because the game crashes every time I try to start Helvetica. You could fix it. Or not. It's up to you.
  8. Fontastic
    Beautiful with an ingenious level design, this is easily a five-star game. The physics are tricky and the decision to use a colon as the protagonist is sometimes very difficult. But all in all, this game works astoundingly well. That is, until Helvetica turns into a druggy dream. From there on, the levels are frustrating and I wish the designers had not chosen Pixel as the final font. That said, the hidden bonus level is insane — anyone who did not hate this font until then, surely will after playing the "LOL cat of death".
  9. Love It But...
    I love this game so much it is so worth the money is fun and addicting but every time I want to start one of the levels it keeps crashing!! Please Fix or Help!
  10. Utterly Unique
    Beautiful, engaging, so well done. Just beat the game and now it's time to find all of the things that I missed the first time around.
  11. The only iOS game worth buying
    This game is great. Maybe because I'm a graphic designer I am a bit biased but this is the only game I have ever purchased on here and it will probably be the only one I ever will. I generally dislike iOS games but was glad to find this one. Once I complete it I'll go back to gaming on my vita, 3ds, ps3, ps4, ps2, 360, PC, wii, wii u, dreamcast, sega, and gameboy.
  12. CRAPPY!!!
    I do not like this game because (I am even connected to wifi) whenever I try to play it, it goes to the screen where it says that it is loading, the screen goes black, and then... I AM BACK AT MY HOME SCREEN!!! WHAT THE HEK IS GOING ON WITH MY IPOD!!! Ps: DO NOT GET THIS APP UNLESS YOU ARE 100 PERCENT SURE THAT YOUR IPOD IS FUNCTIONING PROPERLY!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Very beautiful
    The look of this game is beautiful and the game itself is fun.
  14. I might cry...
    It's just so beautiful :') Graphics to the music it's just so well done... Plus you get to learn about type along the way unlocking parts of books to learn more about different styles if type... So beautiful
  15. Wont load!
    Have deleted and tried to reinstall several times and it still crashes on startup. ZERO stars!
  16. Great game
    I love this game. Looks great and sounds are good.
  17. Fun romp through letter town
    This game is addicting. Fun rolling about, jumping, side scrolling wackiness. Great job.
  18. Good needs fixes
    Umm.. Really hard and brain working I love there are some really bad issues though overall,awesome!,! !
  19. Pure delight
    One of My al time fav games Unique Platformer with typography I love everything abt this game Awesome ending n secret bonus level
  20. Good app, but "$"&&$"""@
    Great app and educational but you have to complete a level before you close app or else progress is lost and you have to start level over.. Don't start a new level until you have a lot of time on your hands.


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