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  1. Hear me out Ian plz
    Ian, I just wanted to ask you to plz bring the cows back. I really love this game and it is simple Junius. Most likely you wont read this but please can you bring the cows back. I know that you you said when person asked you it's no more fun with the cow gone you said it was no fun any way. But please bring them back i would pay a lot for this game .99, 2.00 even ,3.00 Thank you Your fan
  2. Your cows don't show up BECAUSE
    They are all dead after the cowpacolypse! Go to the cow clicker wiki to learn how this game originated and why it is no longer. 1 star because I really wish my cow wasn't dead, but I do admire what the developer was going for and all the things that went along with it.
  3. Raptured cows
    Of course there's no cows. The cows are gone. This game is much too important to be taken seriously.
  4. Cow clicker
    I don't see anything at all! Just a blank meadow
  5. I see no cow
    I paid for a app that doesn't work.
  7. No cow
    I don't see anything. The clicker just shows a blank meadow.
  8. No cows :(
    My cows don't show up in app or on website.
  9. Almost perfect
    Lost a star because there was no offline mode. Also, it doesn't restart your music after the moo.
  10. The best
    This is, without a doubt, the best way to click your cow in the road.
  11. Love It!
    No more having to enter a security captcha to skip to the next click. Fast and easy! Well worth the $ if you're an avid cow clicker.
  12. Clicktastic!
    Finally I can take my cow with me.... and click from anywhere in the house! Love it!
  13. Fantastic click experience
    A beautiful, well designed cow clicking experience. This app has the cow. It has the clicking. You can click the cow. Well, not exactly, maybe "Silent Cow Tapper" would be more accurate. But you tap, and the cow moos, and it is pure win. You will not find a better cow clicking experience on the iPhone.


What`s new

Disabled mooing as per Cowpocalypse
(raptured cows don't moo)

Added Facebook single sign-on

Miscellaneous fixes