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  1. Tap tap!
    It's something different and quite addictive. Good for killing a couple of minutes.
  2. Great for iPhones
    Works great on the iPhone. Won't work on iTouch since they don't vibrate. Fun concept - you can totally play it when the phones in your pocket.
  3. Tappity Tap Tap
    What the heck? I love this tap crazy game.
  4. Inventive, clever, Tons of Fun!
    Time flys by when I'm tappin'! This app is addictive and challenging! Genious!!!
  5. Love it!
    Played it all night! My kids want a turn!
  6. Get your game on!
    I love to play it...all the time!! Church, weddings, funerals...anytime that seems inappropriate is appropriate!!
  7. A brilliant and challenging game
    This game continues to be a fun way to test my concentration. This is one awesome app!
  8. Buy this, tap that!
    Finally, the app I've been waiting for! I am always on my phone, but there are times that it is not appropriate to have it out. With this app I don't have to have it out. Looking forward to more hours of stealthy fun. Solid app!
  9. Bye Bye Boredom
    Now I look forward to boring meetings!
  10. Perfect - Anywhere & Anytime!
    Great for anyone! My kids love it (quiet entertainment is always a blessing)! Fantastic game!
  11. The perfect game to play secretly!
    I love this! My girlfriend is always saying "are you seriously playing on your iPhone again!?", everytime I try to entertain myself. Now, thanks to "Pocket Tap", I can play games without anyone being the wiser. Great App!!


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