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  1. Best game ever
    This is the best game ever never gets old
  2. Angry Gran Toss= AMAZING!
    Reasons I love this game 1. The power-ups in the game are very good and are useful for times you need them. There are extra power ups you buy with granny gold/gems as well. 2. I also like the pets that help you in the game. You have to buy them using coins, but the first one is free. 3. I like the flying packs (you have to buy your first flying pack, known as the Da Vinci glider, with coins) because you stay in the air for extra time, giving you a better distance. 4. The gun and the cannon. You can shoot Gran to raise her up and give her a better distance. The cannon, though, is the main part. NOTE: I suggest you use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows for better scores. Get extra coins for liking the developer on FB/Twitter. Thanks for listening! Highly recommended
  3. Stop haters
    This is a amazing and fun app for upgrading. I recommend this to anybody who likes shooting grandmas and showing it to them in real life
  4. Great game
    The only problem I'm having is that the gun doesn't always go off when I tap granny.
  5. Crashes
    Game crashes when I click on the trophy icon:/ Also the daily spin button doesn't show up for me.
  6. Update
    I love this game but how about an update? New cannons, new guns. Something.
  7. I cat't say my money
    Fantastic game but I have proplem I cant say how money I have
  8. Such a great game.
    I only wish there was another area.
  9. Awesom!
    This game is cool!it is The best angry gran game yet!
  10. Grany toss
    It is so cool and awesome and you should try it if you didn't play and bye ps play bye peoples
  11. Got to love granny
    Love this game. Worth having on your devices.
  12. she be like
    this game is very addicting and it is fun to play and not boring
  13. Great fun!
    Really great time waster! I would give it five stars if I could mute the music and not the sound effects!
  14. U go girl
    It's a bird it's a plane nope it's granny
  15. Awesome
    Its awesome because when your bored you can play it
  16. Stupid Fun
    That's all. Fun and stupid. I can't stop playing this.
    I really like this game. The cannons are fun and its nice to have a pet. I love getting that extra distance with the gun. The change in areas was a good idea. I wish that they would put diffrent things than the blimp. Like a jetpack that can get you soaring for about 3 seconds. Overall, i suggest you get this game.
  18. Need more
    Addicting game. Bout time to bring more to the table.
  19. Granny toss
    This game is such a blast. And because it's actually FUN to play, there really isn't a need for IAPs unless your like a Bay Area driver and just like a 4 year old child, you have not learned patience yet. KEEP IT ROCKIN GRANNY!
  20. Review
    I think this a great pass time game for jr. Age kids.


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