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  1. Play the this game it the best game ever!!!
    This is a best game ever!!! I really love this game so I will give 5 stars!!! :)
  2. Friends?
    Why hasn’t there been a feature for chatting with friends you’ve added?! Like u friend the person then you leave the chat then u maybe want to chat with him/her again there would be a "request chat" button that in my opinion would be nice to add :)
  3. Please please please
    This game is absolutely great and has so many things that are enjoyable and wonderful. This game has a lot of long term goals which makes it not just a quickie game here one minute and done the next so it keeps entertainment for a long while. I absolutely love that you’re able to chat with people from around the world! You can meet so many cool people but I ask please please please allow us to chat with people we’ve added as a friend directly. It’s sad that we can only talk with people one time until we leave the chat is like to talk to them more! Please think about it!
  4. Kinda good kinda bad
    Once I played this ga,e I loved it but then I noticed begchat and when I got on someone asked me if I would do something innapropreate with him and I said no then you started cussing at me so I think you should really take that out but I still love the game!
  5. Fun, but I feel scammed
    It is super fun, but I was clicking (because it's a clicker game) and a pop up comes up prompting me to I assume buy VC, but I didn't see it because I was clicking, so I see a pop up come up for half a second, and it said verifying purchase, I didn't want to buy it though, so it hit the home button and then as I hit the home button it read my fingerprint and purchased it. So I ended up spending 5$ on something I didn't want.
    This game is so much fun I couldn’t stop playing it, then my phone died. :(
  7. Terribly ok
    It is an awesome game in all except for the feature of Begchat. In begchat, people are saying inappropriate things and some asking if you post n***. Yes that.
    Does this game need WiFi? Also, idk if this was a problem with the game or my system... I clicked my home screen button for the first time in hours only to find that the game kept popping up a $1.99 in-app purchase that I never clicked on, and I thought I closed the app before I left my iPod too. The game was closed, and even after I opened the app it didn’t stop popping up that suggestion asking if I wanna buy whatever in-app purchase it was. I restarted my iPod, but that didn’t help, so I was forced to try deletion. I deleted the game, and that worked. I really liked the game, though. So, that’s unfortunate.
  9. It’s fun
    I love the idea and it has goals to achieve with is nice for a tapper.
  10. Awesome
    Fun game really enjoying it so far
  11. WoW
    I played this game for a long time and I just remembered about it. I was just deleting my old apps on my iPod to give to my little brother and I just started to play it. My older brother was playing the Xbox360 so I was like, why not. My progress had restarted so I had to start from scratch. Then it came back to me. The upgrades, the business practically everything was perfectly perfected to perfection. Period... it’s a great game.
  12. It’s so easy
    I love too play this game. I make so many money in a few hours
  13. AWESOME(╹◡╹)
    Best game ever!! Only thing that’s bad is that its veryyyy addictive
  14. Good but,
    My phone died when i was playing pong and it took my money every time I tried to play the game
  15. Don’t rig to wheel
    The wheel is rigged I didn’t know you guys had that low of a life
  16. One small suggestion
    At this point in the game, I am about to make the Ultimate Donation for the second time, but here’s a small suggestion for the game. Add the ability to message friends. I understand why you wouldn’t want to do this, but I have a few reasons why. At this point in the game, friending people doesn’t serve much purpose. This could be a reason why. Second, I want to be able to talk to people that I friend. I meet them on begchat I can’t talk to them afterwards. Please consider adding this to the game. Thank you.
  17. Never Thought Begging Would be so Fun!
    Crazy, how begging can get him all that stuff. Lol!
  18. Money money money
    This game is awesome, cause all you do is tap the screen and you get pounds and loads of money and so that is just perfect. And the set up is just great and so easy
  19. Fun, Addicting
    Very fun actually. I wasn't expecting it to be so addicting I just got it a couple minutes ago and It's really great. It's easy to level up and It's just a great game to have. Especially, if your bored
  20. Fart
    Amazing and great game to play to pass the time


What`s new

- New shirts
- New garage items
- Bug fixes

- Fixed the time glitch