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    Dude, you have to get this game. If your reading this, GET IT!! You need to trust me I went to other lands cause I played this game, I unlocked so many cows! I’m soo glad they made more of these..
  2. 5 STARS... Oh wait no..
    Love this game SO MUCH!!!! I would have given this game 5 stars but my complaint is like evryone else is... The adds.... I'm fine with one just popping up while I'm with the cows but when you go some where EVREY TIME! There's a add... So can you just limit those a bit and I will totally give if 5 stars.
  3. Cow
    This is a super fun game. I cannot stop playing it!!!!!if you get this game you will be glad you did!!!!!!!
  4. Maya Jones
    Oh my this game is amazing. It’s perfect for cow lovers or even just animal lovers! Whenever you think you’ve met the max, there is always more for you to accomplish. This game has so many levels that I can defiantly call it amazing. Five out of five stars for me!!
    Oh my gosh,I never thought clicker games would be this much of a smash hit in my brain. It is Incredibly Amazing, The graphics are so ligit adorable and not to mention It will get you addicted to the whole “Evolution” series!
  6. I love cows
    I downloaded this game and was instantly addicted to it it’s so cute and fun
  7. Addictive
    I can't put it down I normally hate games like this but it's so fun but it needs to lose some of the bod puns
  8. Great game
    This game is a must have you will be on it for hours so addicting and fun!
    Awhile ago I made another review on my old phone called, “The Poops Are Coming!”, but here is my updated version. After a year I still LOVE this game! The humor and creativity put in this game makes young and old stretch there imagination! Playing this game makes me and my friends laugh, and spreads positivity and humor all around the room. I like to show this app to my friends because it makes them smile, and is a great conversation starter. Anyone can play! Whether you are a child or adult, this game can hook you right in to a world full of playful and fun excitement. Everyday cows turn into, strange, funny, and humorous characters in your own little world. Unlike other apps, it doesn’t lock you and keep you on your phone. Most games get so addicting you spend all day on your phone and do nothing. This game, you can introduce to other people, and maybe even brighten their day by giving them a little laugh. Thank you Cow Evolution! I definitely recommend getting this game! I can’t wait to see what the future of Cow Evolution brings!
  10. Best game ever
    This is the best game I've ever played because it's perfect for kids because it's a tap tap game
    It's such a great game and it's nice u don't have to pick up the coins ...but the con is that when u go to buy new cows there's ALWAYS an add popping up and it gets pretty annoying.But besides that it's a good game
  12. Soooo much fun!!
    This game is the best! I never get tired of this game!
  13. Adds
    This game is fun without the adds I play for 5 minuets and 3 of those minutes are adds
  14. Best. Game. EVER.
    This game is a true classic. Most legit game of the year 10/10 so intense.
  15. Omg!!!!!!
    This app is so awesome!!!!!!!! I got this game for 1 day and I am addicted! COWS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I mean it’s great and all but
    I mean I just got so addicted when I stoped a I thinker about like putting two cans together and what would happen but a great game but tooooo many adds
  17. How good is this app.
    This app is very fun when your bored and is fun any time also
  18. Love it!
    This game is super fun and addicting. My brother and I started playing it and then I got it on my phone. It’s very silly, but here are some reasons why it’s a great app: 1. No bugs! (Problems) 2. Very addicting, but fun 3. Kid-appropriate 4. Different, unique I would definitely recommend this app to anyone (though especially kids). As said before, it’s very silly but fun.
  19. COWntless ads ruin the game
    The game is fun, but there were so many ads I uninstalled it after a few minutes of’s a shame really.
  20. Good
    I've had it for like 3 years lol, pretty good way to pass some time


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