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  1. Good- better if fully offline
    A nice tcg based on wwii. The campaign can be played offline, but thats about it. Historical missions? Online only. Permanently save your deck? Online only. Buy a new card pack? Online only. And on and on. It can't be that difficult to enable these features when not connected to the Internet! 5 stars if this changes!
  2. Great game
    Having fun so far, it's really amazing for certain people. Not for everyone though. One of the best TCG for mobile gaming, really glad they had the idea to make a world war 2 one (:
  3. Good... until lvl41
    A fun, light tcg... Until lvl41. After that the difficulty ramp is stupid. Look it up. I'm not alone. Regardless I was still having fun logging each day for the daily bonus (which isn't daily but every 24hrs from the last time you collected a bonus; a minor but annoying detail) and collecting cards (the light history with each card isn't uninteresting)... Until I logged in to find my user name had been changed from "xxx" to "xxx2" and my 3-star lvl progress had been rest. I'm done.
  4. Good!
    So far so good! Fun to play, easy to learn
  5. Very fun
    Just started to play, but I am loving this game!!!
  6. Too many disconnects
    I do not understand why this game has so many problems with disconnects when you play with the pvp. Till they get serious about fixing it, the best I can give them is 2 stars.
  7. Poor strategy for a strategy game
    Very few good rewards and items cost a fortune to buy(14 bucks for a card) AI deck is vastly superior most of the time and the AI is not limited by rules. A player cannot attach 2 of the same items to a card but the AI can for example
  8. Fun TCG without all the silly Monsters.
    A really fun WW2 themed trading card game.
  9. Great game...more mechanics?
    No I don't mean the kind that fix your car. I like the gameplay and the variety a lot. I even showed this to my students as an example for a project we are working on. That said, it really comes down to who has better cards. Strategy is less important because there are not many mechanics to be concerned with.
  10. Review
    Cool game wish pictures were nicer but hey it's war it would good if you could make a real card game
  11. Prepared to be Emersed
    I bought this game and I will admit that I was a bit of a sceptic as to whether it would actually entertain me. I was pleasently surprised. This game has it all; action, strategy, excitement and a storyline. With the OPTIONAL in-game purchases, as well as the game-earned gold shopping, there is always something to work towards. Great game.
  12. Good game
    Very entertaining. Good graphics and play flow.
  13. Addictive World War 2 TCG
    Really fun and engaging World War 2 TCG..! Game is simple to learn and has multiple cards to build an array of different strategies.
  14. Really fun game.
    This is a great game that I can play for 5 min. before work, or for an hour straight. The cards are easy to understand and it seems like there is a good amount of variety. I would recommend to anyone.
  15. Cool
    Takes a little to get strategy down, but once you learn the mechanics,this game is awesome.
  16. This game grew on me...
    Once you get down the basics this game is a blast. Finally a grown up TCG!
  17. Quite good, but
    I just downloaded this and I enjoyed quite a lot, but after I bought my first card pack, my phone shut off because of low battery. And now the cards are gone. This bug or something is very dissappointing .
  18. Great game! 5 stars
    Well done game. Challenging but not frustrating. Lots of of strategy without overwhelming complexity.
  19. Facebook
    I love the game but u shouldn't need to be connected to Facebook to continue after the first 20 missions
  20. Needs Much Work
    This game is enjoyable, but leaves a lot to be desired. First, the game theory needs tweaking as there are levels that cannot be won (ex. must kill four armored units to win and only two appear). Second, there needs to be a lot more in the help section, particularly in explaining the rules on how differing units (ex. Air and armor) interact with each other in combat. Third, the English is poor and it's clear that no one bothered to proof read the in-game text. I'll look forward to future updates.


What`s new

- Fixed an issue regarding the swapping of some specific cards