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  1. Doesn't work for new phones
    Aaron West
    This app. sucks!! I can't get the multi-window thing to work and the collage and photo grid don't properly proportion your pictures right. Boo hoo!
  2. BLACK transparent spot
    adam owen
    The free one didn't have this giant black transparent rectangle in front of the pictures when I finally decided to pay for the app it does this?! I'm very disappointed in wasting yes only 1 dollar but come on!! Either fix it or I'm refunding my money
  3. Crap
    Amy Karel
    I've had this app for YEARS! Including my other Galaxy S5 phone. I broke the screen so I got a new one. Tried getting the app again and it doesn't work AT ALL. Very sad about this since I can't pick just one pic to have as my wallpaper and there aren't any other apps that do what this used to do. Plz fix and I will rate 5 stars again.
  4. poor effects
    reviwz my
    free version is much better...all the other effects crop the image badly..they don't look like full image..and annoying ads..why not possible to club college of different kinds..and photos of full size..disappointed
  5. Free version sucks.
    Gavin Michaels
    About 90% of the customization is locked unless you buy the premium version. Why they made a free version of this app I don't know. Look somewhere else unless you plan on buying it.
  6. problem
    many bug in your app. phone performance is very low if i set photo wallpaper. i have goinee elife e3 model plz do something
  7. Can't see most of the pictures.
    Amy Pearce
    Update: I've had it 10 days and it crashed and no longer works at all. This app crops the pictures so badly that you can't see people or faces. If I set it to collage or grid or anything like that the cropping is worse. If it's set to randomly drop photos around the screen then most of them are sent off screen only actually showing a corner here and there. Very disappointing. When selecting pictures to be used it doesn't stick with only the ones I choose it adds others in as well.
  8. Silvana Reda
    It would view all of my pics for me to select from them. I keep refreshing it but it's no use
  9. Does not work a set in settings. Requesting refund
    Mauri Galvez
    Brings up random photos outside chosen folder, size control or terrible, no option to "fit" image to screen, misc crashes. Requested refund, no way to refund in app or thru Google Play.
  10. Can't change photo layout
    I like this app because I don't have the option to do my gallery photos as a live Id wallpaper so this app is good in that aspect. What I do not like about this app is the fact that you can't change the layout of the photos so when the photos come in on the screen they're either cut off, some rotated to the left/right and therfore you can't see the entire picture. If they can fix this I can rate the app with more stars but as of right now I get it a 3.
  11. Terrible
    Scarlet McElhaney
    I had high hopes for this app since it had so many good ratings. My phone froze instantly within seconds of opening the app. Had to restart uninstalling it!
  12. Omg
    kendra bergeron
    I love this app. I get to smile at different pics every time I user my phone.
  13. Some pics are upside down/sideways
    Marina Viana Ferreira
    I love almost everything about the app, expect for a couple pictures showing up upside down or in landscape position when they were taken in portrait.. I rotate them in my gallery and reset the wallpaper and it doesn't work.
  14. Keeps crashing....
    Debbie Ellis
    Purchased version and as I'm choosing pictures it crashes EVERY time and even if I select every folder not all pictures are displayed. Please resolve!
  15. I still like it!
    Pearlean Flowers
    It's not working properly on my Note 4 . Out of 100% it's working 90% So I still like it lol
  16. Excellent app!
    Kenneth Cheung
    I like this app very much, and just paid. However, its keeping on system hang after using around 15 mins, really wanna know its my own problem or system bugs...
  17. It's OK
    Steve West
    I bought this because it says it works with lock screen. As far as I can see it doesn't. Sent an email asking for help, got no answer. Also, it would be nice if you can add an invisible background and make it work with Dream. Fix lock screen option, and add my two suggestions and I will be glad to change my rating.
  18. Good app
    Shell Newman
    Does what I want it to! I have had it a long time and just moved it from my Samsung Galaxy S2 to my S5!
  19. Darren Ocaba
    Is so big i want this app but big Mb 88 bug fixed it ang igive u 5 star
  20. Photo fx live wallpaper
    chastity allen
    It has poor effects the pictures are blurry a waste of .99 cents for the full version which is nothing spectacular uninstalling ..wish I can get my .99cents back


What`s new

- Fix for dark photos
- Fix for photos at wrong angle
- Fix for some crashes


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