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arquitectura planos de casa
arquitectura y diseño de casas
cad drawing app
glm floor plan
ikea catalog app
выключатель экрана


Reviews 52,311

  1. Solid app
    Mad Fey
    Works well, there's a decent tutorial (though a lot of it is very intuitive so the tutorial isn't all that necessary anyways). Not sure if I missed it or if it's just not available but I would really like the ability to overlay a grid when working on my plans.
  2. Why?
    Trolo king
    I was creating a project for class and I got done with it then I tried to save it and the only option I got was, spend money I didn't get a with watermark option at all I got, without water mark and 2 different file type
  3. Lovett Belcher
    It is easy to use. It is not perfect since I don't see how to know what scale the annotation or tubs, etc are but it works well enough to give me a better overall vision of my project
  4. Very good and easy to use
    Stuart Walker
    Has all the features you need to be able to mock up a very nice plan and then share it. Great to be able to do it on your phone and then take it with you to the shops
  5. Dimensioning
    Michelle Ferguson
    How come you can't put dimensions where you want them, so you can measure things like hallways? Or even edit them so they can measure several rooms? Or from the outside of the wall instead of the inside?
  6. Love this app
    Jaffar M Naushad
    Bravo ! An amazingly smooth app that's fun in the working devoid of many obstacles you would come to expect from this kind of app. Thanks
  7. Overall a great app
    Dani Long
    I have enjoyed using this app. I don't mind paying for good apps, so I paid to get rid of the ads (a bargain!) And would like to pay for cloud storage and no water mark. How do I do this? I couldn't find a link anywhere. Note/Reply to your reply: I have found the links to the help, save-to options, etc. but they are circular and don't lead to the pay/cart page. I did buy the option to remove ads, so I have been able to get to the cart at least once.
  8. Good Only grid missing
    Hanish KVC
    A simple yet powerful tool for easily capturing or experimenting with plans and furnitures inside them. If a grid can be added to provide easy visual reference wrt distances it will make it more useful. Also a option to measure distance between any two points in the plan will also be useful
  9. Great for rearranging my master bedroom
    d tagan
    Redid my master bedroom in a new theme and needed to know what pieces fit in the space available. This app was awesome! I kept changing my mind so rather than break my back moving furniture, I could plan things out very easily!
  10. Nice for novice house floor planning
    MrsB'sBakery Buchholz
    Easy to learn, use, save, share, edit for novice floor plan designingor remodeling. I wish there was a mod which let the walls come up in 3D.
  11. Joseph Yaconelli
    Overall very useful and user friendly. A bit expensive to pay for the export options.
  12. This app has so much potential
    Bryant Glover
    You have some really great thing with your app. But it has horrible user freelance creativity ability. Yes you can draw, but nothing comes out similar to anything being drawn. Yes you can move walls but you can't remove particular walls that have already been drawn. A simple partition wall can be drawn nor identifying stretch line for identifying room separation in open concept structures. There are no erase ability for particular spots and wall drawn already. Starting to second guess my support
  13. WONDERFUL!!!!
    derrek shane
    I do water damage restoration for an insurance company and have to make sketches. Using this app is a life saver! I have used it for almost a year now. PROS- Pretty much everything. CONS- Nothing really. A few things I wish- Would be really nice to be able to make and save our own structure presets. Would love to able to draw on sketch or be able to change color of the walls individually.
  14. Steven Bredemeyer
    Apparently my earlier post wasn't clear- This app's simple and easy to use (major bonus) though 2 shortcomings- 1) it's in-app purchase only for the adfree version. After several bad experiences with other in-app purchase only for adfree apps, as well as the major chore of installing any in-app purchase only app when I move to a new phone I ONLY pay for adfree apps when they're available on Play, at which time I'll pay for the adfree version. 2) No round wall in sight.
  15. Ray Dennis
    This is the best app for linking with Bluetooth that I've found, better even than Leica, Stanley and Bosch's apps. It does have a few flaws that I badly wish could be fixed. When drawing odd shaped rooms, the line auto straightening will mess up what I drew, it takes 5 or 6 tries before it gets it right, which really slows me down. Also, if I could see all measurements at once on the inside of the walls it would be great. I use the app to record and redraw myself on a desktop. Having to tap a room and then each wall to see it's measurement is slow going. Dragging objects onto the plan seems unresponsive too, often making me try to drag a window or object over 3 or 4 times before it comes out of the toolbar to be placed. Still, this is far better than anything else out there and if it were perfect I would be willing to pay far more than what it sells for now.
  16. Fabulous and Great, but not perfect.
    Yonatan Huber
    This app is great for both room and appartement planning and has everything you basically need. Major shortage is lack of good tutorial (although UI is very intuitive), plus a bit annoying furniture handling (takes getting used to). Major plus is the ability to export as picture, Individually looking items for editing, and many other small touches you don't think you need until you have them.
  17. Loved it
    Robert Ffrench
    This is a terrific app. It comes in very handy when you want to quickly put your ideas down and share them with a friend or colleague. It covers most of the basics, yet the app only uses up 2.6 mb. It is good for brain-storming while standing on the train for example where it would be a bit difficult to hold a laptop with more advanced cad software. Two thumbs up for Marcin Lewandowski.
  18. Fit for purpose
    Andrew Clarke
    A cool little app which lets you draw your own house without fuss, so you can try new ideas for renovation. After a frustrating afternoon trying to find an easy prog for PC, I screamed and reached for the tablet. An hour later I had my house plan drawn up. I was so happy I paid for it. It could use a few more objects, and the ability to type in some dimensions, but for AU$6.50 it can't be faulted. Thanks guys, this will be the cheapest part of the renovation... PS saving is limited until you pay! Be warned!
  19. Amazing App
    saravana kumar
    Nice app to work as well as entertain instead of playing games. But screen shot option you should give to make more convenient to us. Best of luck.
  20. terrible
    Christopher Kenyon
    I work as a kitchen designer, and if you try and add a window or door, you can not type in how far away it is from the wall. You have to scroll with your finger. But its impossible to get it dead on an exact measurement. This makes it to hard to use in real life, and unusable. Try and put a window 842mm from the edge of the wall, you'll see what I mean. Please add a manual way todo this, also a way of overriding the measurments , if the room is not perfectly square, you should have a way to alter the dimensions to what ever your reading is even if the program tells you have made a mistake. If these changes were made would be a brilliant app, great price etc but its to awkward to use without specifying dimensions and distance manually


What`s new

* Area selection is available when grouping symbols.
* Slope for box can be defined in Edit dialog.
* Ellipse void added.
* Visibility of user dimension lines added in the settings.
* Snap dimension lines to objects added.
* Bugs fixed.

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