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Todd Sloane | Senior Vice President/Creative at Publishers Clearing House

Greater New York City Area |

Eve Fish | Assistant Vice President Customer Marketing at Publishers Clearing House

Greater New York City Area |

Michael Cooper | Assistant Vice President & Controller at Publishers Clearing House LLC

Greater New York City Area |

Megan Krupa | Product Manager at Publishers Clearing House

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Reviews 326,545

  1. My family
    Derrick Hall
    I love this app makes me think maybe one day that could be me winning money no longer living a struggle trying to raise my son's with the little bit of money I have no to say my 4 month old boy has Down syndrome and that would be my dream to win I don't know why I'm saying all this but thats how I feel I'm describing this app on how I feel thank you for creating PCs search and win
  2. Frauds!!!!
    Sean Fantone
    Play 15 games a day, 7days a week, 365 days a year, year after year, and never win a red cent like me. Let's not forget the 12 e-mails I have to respond to daily. Not a cent!!!
  3. You'd think....
    Rance Femreite
    With all the money they supposedly give away they could come up with an app that works. Whenever I open this app all I see is the background with nothing to tap on. Fail!
  4. Anthony Suazo
    Good way to waste time. Pch games are a joke. Takes 2 years to get a $100 gift card, and that's if you play all day every day,....
  5. Its pretty fun if your board & you get a chance to win $
    Brittany Hurst
    Its pretty fun & you get a chance to win money but truly what I think is that no one will really win money & if anyone does it will be amazing bc I dont think anyone really does I think they fake winners truthfully thats my thought I could be wrong I hope im wrong but I still like the app & I still try every single day for a few hours each time im on it !
  6. Dennis Isaac
    To many problems with app will not let me play certain games, freezes games, to many technical problems and will not register scores after completing games to often. Same problems happens on the Play/Win app too.
  7. Jeremy Kustwin
    Would be better if I got a knock on the door.... Are my entries being turned in?
  8. Need more hair color
    Anna Mccormack
    It's so funny, I used to be blonde now I'm brunette. I really could use that money :) I need more hair dye, lol.
  9. It's convenient
    Krista White
    It puts all their website features in one place, I like the layout.
  10. It's fun
    C Morrison
    I've been playing for some time and I haven't won anything. I know winners are chosen by computer but. ....
  11. Norma
    Norma Jean Cole
    It downloads and I am not sure if I am gaining points. But I keep p,saying it until I understand it. Other then that I would give it a 5 stars.
  12. PCH player
    Jayden Young
    I have been playing for about 10 years now I Think if not its around there and a while back I had won a $5 Amazon card but I am waiting for the knock on the door and I really believe that it will co!e true.
  13. I've been help my grandmother enter for over 17 years!
    Shay L
    Now it's truly my turn,to win win..I would automatically associated PCH with a Not for profit Organization,because I'd like to take supplies such as food and school supplies were all over. Amen
    Dayna Barney
    I love this, it should be advertised more. It makes thing a lot things a lot easier for me.
  15. Cheats and rigged
    Tee W
    I picked a envelope after I hit 21 and as usual this pch froze and didnt let me finish picking my cards, it just skipped to the next round. Cheats Cheats...Tokens is all your gonna get. And I have proof. Im not trying to hear anything about contacting anyone. I have proof this PCH is rigged. ALL THE GAMES ON EACH PCH SITE ARE RIGGED AND SO ARE THE WINNERS (Bots). .FAKE, FAKE FAKE
  16. Extra Entries by downloading apps
    Mason Toups
    When you try to do the process of getting extra entries for a sweepstakes, I chose to download and open apps. Well, this method does not work, 1. It recognizes the install but not the opening of the app. So I can't get the extra entry, and. 2. When you try to close the app like a normal person, it won't let you. It has an automated process that constantly opens the app that you download until you finish the process or force stop pch sweeps app. I'm going back to doing the pch stuff on the site.
  17. PHC
    Catherine Matlock
    Nice. Time will tell. But I have interred before for 3 years and nothing. But there is always the first time.
  18. PCH Sweepstakes
    Dennis Cunningham
    I love the app playing games and all, but I would love this app even more if I can win some money. "
  19. Can't win if you don't try
    Pamela Lusby
    Fun easy to use. Nice to think that I could win one of these prizes. Its just like gambling or the lotto. You can't win if you don't play.
  20. PCH Sweeps
    Brenda Nauman
    Love it. Have been entering for years. Maybe I still might win.


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