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  1. Rolf Burton
    As of 6/18/2014 I am on level 1801. I have 86 lives and 343 nukes. There are no cheats that I know of. I've been playing the same game for about three months. The game saves on my device. I play a few levels every few days now. I have 39,000 plus kills. The secret is to carpet bomb and stay in the safe zone high in the upper left. Some mention they think the high scores are hacked. Not true. They're people that are unskilled players. I've been playing same game for three months. No end in sight
  2. I like it but could you add an option to make only the joystick control the plane?
    cara Kimomo
    It would be so much better if you added an option where i could disable the rest of the screen when playing so only the joystick button and the bomb button work cause the screen controlling the plane gets really annoying sometimes when i try to bomb targets and i hit the screen and the plane moves suddenly and i get killed please add that option thanks so much. Also if you would consider adding more lives up to 5 when starting out it would help a bunch.
  3. Fun!!
    Bill Thomas
    I like this game and would recommend because: 1. It loads fast 2. It takes up very little memory 3. If I turn off quickly to do something else, it loads right back where I was 4. It's fun! I played the free version for quite a while, then bought it, and am still having fun. The extras in the paid version are worth the price.
  4. Mike Barry
    Mig shoots outside of radar fan which is already very hard to see. Warthog explodes with no apparent hit from missle. Controls freeze leaving you with no defense.
  5. Kind of a flawed premise
    Zachary Campbell
    Game is fun even if Im bombing the communists that built my phone... I'd prefer a game where u save the world from capitalist pigs.
  6. allen alanov
    Not bad but needs more middle and bomb options..also slight correction with control...have time don't see plane..some bright camp colure to notice jet will be nice
  7. Decent fun
    Simon Davies
    I don't very often pay for a game, but I really enjoyed the demo. Maybe a few more planes, and different ammo would be good.
  8. Terric time waster
    J-Nick Musik
    I have had this game on my varios android devices for years and it is still easy to get lost in time playing this simple yet well designed game. My only complaint is that I wish the bomber had some sort of machine gun option occasionally to shoot down the migs, great game though, love it. Oh yea, and at least on tablets, the "ok" button once you get game over and enter your name is untouchable unless I close out of the game. Simply raise the dialog box so the keyboard is not in rhe way.
  9. I love it
    Matt Kawamura
    I especially liked the A10 game because it allows you to shoot down the enemy MIGS. It's one of my favorite games, well done!
  10. Cool!
    This game is cool! But only if there's more type of aircrafts, especially bomber types...But I don't know how you're going to do it though. And also, maybe instead of just that map, its longer and if you redirect your aircraft that way, and as it reaches one point of the screen, the screen would scroll sideways, making a bigger map.
  11. Will not work on my new LG4
    Adrian Lebron
    Love the game, but recently switched phones and now it will not load... Any help?
  12. Fun but abandoned
    William Martin
    Great game but feels a bit unloved as there hasn't been an update for a few years.
  13. Awesome
    Will Ferrer
    Had the game for a while now and I really like it, but wish we had more planes to choose from like say the ac 130 and a different scenery would be cool too.
  14. Brilliant
    Kyle Dixton
    No updates for 2 years but aside from that great game - seconded only by angular velocity
  15. Galaxy S3
    John Mageras
    Been hooked for a while. Can't sit on the toilet without it. Wife not to happy with that one! But the game sort of cheats; if you're doing well, as in wave 26 & up the game will minimize your air space to A very tiny area at the top of the screen.. Just no room to fly or avoid attacks by migs, missiles & tanks. Make it a tactical challenge, not squeeze you out of air space. Other than that it's a wonderful game. Lots of fun.
  16. Needs updating
    Daniel Nadeau
    Was fun,not so much without an decent update.
  17. Had free version for ages
    Ben Anderson
    one of the few games ive never un installed. Very fun.
  18. Great Game
    Jonathan Chiaverini
    I've had this game for years. Just installed it for the third time on a new phone. It's a staple!
  19. Exceptional
    Saurabh Tripathi
    Its a cool concept. Perfect time killer, and worth your money... I think it would be good if some development is done to improve this.
  20. Lenovo Tablet
    I liked this game so much I bought the unlocked version. If you're old school like me you'll love it. Simple concept which gets gradually harder. Enjoy


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