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Monthly active users estimation: 2,500,000


Anuj Mankar | Chief Executive Officer at Nautilus Mobile App Pvt. Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Mithil Bhatia | Senior Game Programmer at Nautilus India Pvt Ltd

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Pranav Patil | Sr. QA Nautilus Mobiles

Mumbai Area, India |

Rupesh Jain | Senior Game Artist.

Reviews 706,033

  1. The app isn't performing no more
    Babar Khan
    Purchased the full game and since than has not performed whatsoever. The app will randomly close and you have to start the match again. Sometimes players are added and given numbers as names. Please fix the issues and I'll give it 5 stars.
  2. I like it
    Football Champs
    Can u plzz add some new things test matches and team can chose when they want to take power play and can u make rcpl league free or for some coin instead of money..plz I like this game very much ,I am playing this game for long time..
  3. Khalid Ikhtiar Khan
    The producer has gone back to 2014 by a time machine. He should be creating Real Cricket 2015... Rather than updating Real Cricket 2014 more..
  4. Big bug in the game
    Srinivas Varma
    While you are playing first innings and and if you restart the game or your phone..immediately it changes to batting of second team.pity that the testeds couldnt find this bug while testing the application ....pleaseeee fix this
  5. loved this game but ...
    Irfan Ali
    i loved this game but it need improvements like reviews,multiplayer,replays etc I just won the world cup game but it simply game overed no option to share my victory that's why I'm giving it 3 stars ,, hopefully you'll convince me to give it 5
  6. Game is good but lots of ads make this game very poor
    Not able to understand why so many ads during play game , even i have attended for shot and sudden game stopped and ad came.please fix this problem otherwise this is one of the best game. Also facing problem of game crash , its more than 4 times in 5 minutes game crashed. Fixed it. Admin can you read this.. ?.?.? Can you fix the problem of game crash ??
  7. A good game
    Hadi Saad
    It is a good game but it hamgs so much i think it is the problem of my is a real experienced game.the one who can not play cricket out side but they can play a full experienced game like this one i really love it
  8. Ads freeking game
    Dhiraj Devkar
    I have seen games wid ad's posters in between. But this is the game wer you will find ad's videos too.In order to play a single game you need to select 100options and then you have to deal with the ads. DND (Do not Download)
  9. I like it. I agree to most reviews like ads , batsman going away in field, game suddenly stops working...
    Dipesh Kalyani
    Improve all this. No sachin in squad, yuvraj....add them please. One more thing. Add test match too....
  10. Shutdowns
    joyjeet das
    Good game, but a long wait to boot was always an issue. And now, after an update today, it just refuses to start. Gave up without playing a ball after half a dozen restarts in 15 minutes. Get it back on its feet Nautilus
  11. Sotheesan Pathmanathan
    Opponent getting runout easily. Opponent batting strength is not very good.can get them out easily.pls fix those things.
  12. Worst game!
    Aswin Mahesh
    The opponent team's top order players plays even after getting out two or three times. Same batsman plays again and again even after getting out thrice and worst in the case of bowling and fielding for user. I loved this game before but not anymore! A LoT OF BUGS are there.... Correct it and i will give 5 stars!
  13. A very good game
    Abdurrahim Asad
    An exelnt game but it needs two is very easy to win even hard level is also very plz make it difficult..2.*plz insert in it multiplayer option..if you have imporve this then everyone will be gave it 5stars
  14. Please don't waste your time in this
    jatin tyagi
    At first I liked the game for 1-2days. But the next day the game started to show glitches. I bowled a batsman 3 times and he won't just get out. Even the scorecard show that he was out and not out simultaneously. Then that batsman was on the strike and crease at the the same time. When I used to bat even the timing meter showed my timing of my shot as perfect still I would get out. Its a humble request to all of u not to download this app.
  15. One Thing Is Missing
    sheraz abid
    Real cricket 14 Game Is Awexome, but one thing is missed Please Add Online Game Like 8 Ball Pool Challenge your friends and play game, this thing in this game and all peoples give you 5 Stars Thank-you
  16. Time Waste
    Rasheed Sk
    Play less,adds more.some time strucks the game.don't waste you time
  17. Performance has gone down
    zubair zzeeh
    It was amazing when I started playing. Used to hang a little. But was manageable. Now I can't even get to the game. It would start to load and app just exits.
  18. Now become worst game I played ever
    nitish anand
    After every six, (the application isn't responding) and after every boundary, wickets etc, its starts showing us ads.... This game is full of ads... If you play for 30 minutes then it contains ads of 12 minutes.... PLEASE DON'T EVER DOWNLOAD THIS GAME, CAUSE FRUSTRATION AND HEADACHES...
  19. Good game but
    basavaraj M.P
    Can you please had test matches and batsman powers increase when he score the match.. Its easy to play.. Make quiet difficult to play.. I love to play this game.... All the best for ur team.... God bless you all...
  20. Bugs
    Abdul Kalam
    Batsman plays his shots from outside of pitch even b4 its delivered. .....commentry is not audible .......look to it and fix it othrwise worthy of 5 stars....