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  1. Economy unbalanced, incomplete
    Rising Phoenix
    Startup is slow, REQUIRES collant system to be maxed first, income to gas expense leaves no leeway for decisions on upgrades early game. There is only an average of eight out of the twenty diamonds for the achievement diamond hunter. Late game, income drops off quickly
  2. Love it!
    Chaka R
    This is awesome! Just bought it after playing the free version and you can import your data! Also love the fact you can buy a teleporter after going so far deep underground saves you the trip going back and forth. Great game well done :)
  3. 2 stars for an incomplete game
    David Rohrer
    I love the game, I finished it except there is nothing else to get in the mine. I am apparently missing about 13 diamonds and I have yet to complete 50% which is absord. I also didn't appreciate the no life award
  4. Sweet game
    Frank Gordon
    Controls take some getting used to, but it's a well built little app!
  5. Ive cleared alot but missing the 12 dimonds
    Nathan Kearnes
    Ive cleared from 0 to 285 everything then from 450 to 1220 ive cleared all resources and am still missing 12 diamonds so annoyed
  6. Great game
    Great game, I used to play this on my laptop years ago and loved it then, so was chuffed to find it for my mobile. Bit of a slow start at first but once you get going its fantastic and addictive. Just bought the full version of the game as the free version is restrictive.
  7. Great Game but...
    Lenny Mora
    This game is great and addicting. There is just a miner flaw that it restarts every once in a while. Im running this game on my Galaxy nexus 10 with lollipop 5.1 If you guys can fix this it be awsome. Other then that its a great game. I would give it a 5 star rating if this gets fixed.
  8. Awesome game.
    Devon Houseman
    Fantastic game. Tons of fun. Wish machine moved a little quicker and the controls are kind of akward but not a really a problem. A setting that allowed you to change the speed in game or engine modifications would be cool.
  9. Love it but
    Ryan Arcari
    If you maybe made the starting income a bit higher and made the mine wider then I would rate 5 other than that its worth my money!
    Makensie Kellett
    I bought this game and made so much progress but then the game automatically reset it self. I want my money back.
  11. Bad
    Jack McC
    Great idea but you t stuck when you keep going into debt from gas then your coal isn't enough to pay for gas
  12. Incomplete
    Boris Kyuchoukov
    The game is fun in the beginning, but it becomes too monotonous and tedious towards the end. Also, once you've mined all resources, there is pretty much nothing left to do.
  13. Good but difficult
    Andrew Depa
    Don't think my kids could get anywhere with this but a great way to kill time
  14. 1 problem
    Euan Lyall
    Really fun game the only problem is the start is too slow you can fix this be reducing the fuel cost
  15. Classic
    Kyle Lagace
    This game is defenatly an ultimate easy going game if you have 5 mins or an hour... the only downfall is the shortness... it would be awsome to have a deeper mining setting? with more ores like iron and nickel.... and what about more cooling systems like nuclear or anti-thermal..... a larger list of accomplishments and maybe do a continously bottom even where you can always stack the high scores and leave the game more open to updates :) don't be afraid to use your inagination
  16. Awesome game
    Gabrielle Intenzo
    This game definitely has a learning curve. If you buy a bigger gas tank before you can afford to make up for the cost of gasoline obviously you're going to run out of money. I love the look of it and the music is awesome too.
  17. Really like this game but you can loose
    Sawyer Boehm
    So this game is really good and all. But I have gone into an infinite loop of selling my loot for 200 and having to pay 210 for gas. I loose money each time I go mining. But it's just incomplete
  18. Fun
    Jon Heuton
    Fun simple game. You are devising strategies to make each trip more efficient. Dont get discouraged by the high cost of upgrades. You earn achievements after a short while which give large bonuses.
  19. Lily Williams
    Awesome game remindes. Me of mother load on miniclip .com. use to play it in school all the time.. great game!!!
  20. Great game but...
    Misha Bluck
    I've managed to nearly clear the entire map (rest just solid rock) and still can't find the remaining 12 diamonds ...whatttt?!?!


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-Fixed bug with certain map sizes