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David Elton | Vice President Of Product Development at Beeline Interactive / Capcom Mobile

Toronto, Canada Area |

Maria Lai | VP, Corporate Strategy and Finance

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Julian Calcagno | QA Technician at Beeline Interactive, Inc.

Toronto, Canada Area |

Therese Soltis | Senior Accounting Manager at Beeline Interactive, Inc.

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Reviews 3,575

  1. Loading Time
    Its a cool app to keep track of events but the loading time takes. . TO LONG. Its frustrating having to wait it to loading when navigating through this app. Other than that Iguess its fine.
  2. Gary Riley
    It would be fantastic but for the painfully long loading times. Address this and i will give it 5
  3. Really
    Michael Riley
    Its pretty nice but it takes forever to load whatever I click on. Please fix. I use a xperia play
  4. Just too slow.
    Ryan Wilkinson
    Interface is good and it would be a very handy app indeed if it wasn't for the horrendous load times. It takes far too long to load anything, it's easier to just go on the website through your phone's browser.
  5. Nice but slow
    Omar Nasr
    Loading times for each item clicked is too long. I'm eager to use the app since everything seems to be there but it's almost unusable with it being this slow
  6. I can't log in.
    Michael Rowlette
    It keeps telling me email or password incorrect. But I log in just fine in the website.
  7. Loading is a big problem
    Angel D
    That app is great just 1 problem when you want to view or go to a side menu it take too long to load almost everything you view load even if you have fast phone or fast Internet connection it still take a long time to load.
  8. Slow ⚠
    David Marion
    This App is mostly same on PC that is good in fact im surprised there is a App the only thing is the loading is Slow
  9. Great but just great.
    Dean Federico
    I don't see the Revelations shop anywhere. Also load times are kinda long. App could use improvement but it works.
  10. Kevin Akkerman
    App is great but it loads way too slow .
  11. Excellent
    Luke Redfield
    Now I get to see who beats my rank in the game and with upcoming events from the game. 12 REmedals out of 10 REmedals.. Pretty Good!
  12. Cool but
    Paul Lazar
    Every click requires loading. Like 10 second loading for every. Single. Click. Really annoying.
  13. Loading Time
    Mark Stewart
    Great app for checking out your stats and getting your daily login bonus without having to login on your PC. Only problem I have is that it takes really long to load up and navigate the different sections, apart from that it great.
  14. It's slow
    Ciaran Hillock
    It's a nifty app that you can check your stats and other stuff with but it is plagued with terrible loading times no matter how strong your internet connection is.
  15. Awful
    Dean Gouldsbury
    This app has so much potential but sadly because of its awful loading it makes it unusable. Like touching any part of this requires loading and sometimes it can take up to a few minutes. Also everytime I exit the app it logs me out. Capcom seriously need to completely revamp this app because I'd like to use it but I can't.
  16. Moy
    Moy Rios
    It's will not open. It force closes every time I try
  17. agent smith
    I can always keep my records safe
  18. Andrew Duong
    Doesn't connect through mobile data and closes itself.
  19. Nice
    Hope it works on revelations Wii U
  20. Ryan Wilson
    Love it. This makes the game so much more enjoyable.


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