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Veyis Dincer | Managing Partner - Mobilecraft

İstanbul, Türkiye |

Cumhur Onat | Serial Entrepreneur

İstanbul, Türkiye |

Okan Düngel | Senior UI Designer

David Joseph | Chief Marketing Officer

Reviews 95,888

  1. It deserves 3 stars and not 5 stars
    Ryker Schultz
    It was OK, but this is the only way to unlock the race car so I had to rate it 5 stars but I truthfully think it deserves 3 stars!
  2. Good game but
    sherrose khan
    The ad at the top of the screen makes it difficult to see what's ahead meaning I have to retry a level a few times once Ive seen the obstacles which is a bit annoying
  3. Pretty good
    Kaitlyn Horan
    Its good but the ad messes me up sometimes when I'm trying to drive. A lot of the levels are hard but I like the challenge!!
  4. The best
    jayla sanders
    This game is so addictive I love it. You'll never get bored playing this game.
  5. This is a great time pass game
    md. tanweer alam
    Mast app h..... according to the top Driver. Just like ME
  6. I Loved it
    Sana ullah khan
    Best game if this game are bad i dosn't tell you that your game is bad because i over estimat to you ...not under estimate,.....,,ofter this you will make best
  7. Cool game
    Krzys S.
    Go-cart mode's quite challenging - tough on thumbs ;-)
  8. Parking Madness
    Kate Thurman
    A great and fun game that makes me feel like I am really learning how to drive!
  9. Awesome game
    Thomas Shelhart
    Graphics are not too good and runs a bit slow sometimes. Awesome game overall though! I recommend it.
  10. Good one
    Jahannath v
    Excellent game. Nice controls. Only thing which makes me to give 4 stars is the ad's which appears on top makes it difficult to drive ahead
  11. Nice game to use up some spare time.
    Tim Sheean
    Good challenges, the ad at the top of the game restricts views some times. But a good game
  12. Parking madness
    Husen Shaikh
    I really love this game my sister all ways told me to download this game but I thought it was not the right game but all ways lose but I got the hang of it and I improved on driving in real life.
  13. Rajal Patel
    Great like sometimes it can get annoying and other times it is great when I first downloaded this game I couldnt stop playing it is that super good. I love it also because there is b a rely and pop ups in this game. Overall this is a great game
  14. Addictive
    Bradley Stevenson
    This game is very addictive but also gets quite frustrating as there is always the chance of you crashing however I would recommend this game to others as it's great fun overall I enjoy playing this game also it would be better if the advert at the top of the screen wasn't there as u cannot see any obstacles until the last moment
  15. Fun
    Sharon Mercier
    Love games like this. It makes you feel like u are really driving. Great work. No problems on my phone. This is a keeper. The only problem I have so far is the stupid ads on the top of the screen on go kart mode. Can you get rid of them. It makes it hard to see where you're going and I keep crashing because of them.
  16. Gabe Scalfari
    It made me rate this five stars so I can get the go cart theme but other than that it is a pain in the butt to do the levels dust it's fun
  17. Love--------♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-it
    Mark Louie Matus
    Very cooooool But i open it again and again it bot open ever but cool
    Marilyn Monroe
    It is is so,fun but sometimes can get hard, and freezes but other then that it is so cool I think you should get it. :)
  19. Awesome
    sunil choudhary
    One of the best parking game you must have it in your mobile addicted game
  20. Justin Pace
    It's a fun game but there is a challenge which you have to score exactly 80pts which you can't in multiples of 3, so can't get any to be addressed. , someone doesn't know how to do math



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