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  1. Julie Downing
    Game was good but got boring after a while as its very similar to Biz Builder. To me it's the same game.
  2. Apparently I have more fashion sense than I thought
    Chest-High Wall
    Not that you could tell from looking at me. As someone who really isn't very big on clothing, and couldn't tell you what matches with what if their life depended on it, I figured this was going to be one of those games like Pocket League where I enjoyed it, but it wasn't one of my favorites. As someone who has now replayed it six times, I can tell you I was completely wrong.
  3. Anna Bespoyasny
    I like this game and all, but you need to be able to expand floors or be able to build more. Very short, I completed it in 2 days. Please update this.
  4. Crashes on S6
    Anthony Dent
    I used to enjoy playing this game, but after installing it on my new Galaxy S6, it crashes as soon as I start the game. I think it has to do with the new android version and chamges in storage permissions. Please update the app :(
  5. My favorite kairosoft game
    Roberto Gonzalez
    The replayability on this game is probably the beat out of any kairo game. I definitely want more games that carry over as many variables as this.
  6. I love this game,
    Shamira C.
    But I had to give 4 stars since you only get 6 floors. Please add more!
  7. Fun and addictive
    Joel Simpson
    fun to play but wish there were more options for floor layouts and employee customization
  8. One of the greats
    Random Guy
    I have played all of your games and this is one of the greatest
  9. Total waste of time
    Jack Uteg
    But thats good! I am not fashionable but this game is ADDICTIVE
  10. Good but..
    jan barnsley
    I liked it but its a very short game, only 6 floors? I have no room to fit any more clothing racks and I keep getting the same achievements and its beginning to be very repetative. Needs work done. Not one of kairosofts best..
  11. Love it!
    Deray Jackson
    I'm addicted to your games. Wish you had more than six floors though. Still a great game.
  12. Need more floor
    Olivia Ang Xiu Huan
    Really need more floor. Pls add on more to accommodate more clothes.
  13. Addictive
    Wendy Reed
    I lost entire hours playing this game you get hooked on improving merchandise to bring in more customers.
  14. Error on Samsung S6
    jim passantino
    After playing for 2 seconds I get an error and the game force closes, everytime. Great game when it works.
  15. Great! But...
    Great attention to detail! Able to hire staff, level up whoever you like. Constant rewards for good gameplay, really keeps you hooked, focused and growing bigger! 6 floors of clothes, lifts, stage, radio shows and signings! But what then...? Provides hours of AWESOME gameplay, but short lived, becomes repetitive and no longer gives you a sense of achievement as you've seen it all before...
  16. Horrible. Boring
    Lissy Olds
    Their other games are good but this one doesnt do much very boring. Little change or progression. Money wasted
  17. great n fun
    Wendy Lim
    but ps make it all free la so addicting sia
  18. Great game
    Ivan lajoie
    This is a great game, though it's a bit buggy when played on a tablet. On the phone I've never had any problems with any Kairosoft game
  19. Fantastic game!
    TyDy Miler
    Very smooth game, though on some of my older phones it didn't run quite as smooth when using 'graphics' option. Had fun replaying to increase my score. Well worth the money.
  20. Adorable
    Mary Sawyer
    I love all the games this developer has produced so far. They all run smoothly and are great time killers.


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