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  1. Nice!
    Chris Cohill
    This app works great for me! I can purchase gold better and faster on my end! 4★'s from me!
  2. Refills!
    Morgan Mason
    Only issue is that the refill times are pointless and long winded . I want to see a game with no refills and such just play
  3. Clashoflegendarytitans
    Sandra Mcmasters
    It is a very challenging game but exciting
    William Murphy
    I lost about 5 times in a row to people weaker than me. There is NO EXCUSE for this. They are not more fortunate than me, this game is RIGGED.
  5. Finally
    brandon darmofal
    A browser based text style game that isnt about pay2win gold is the pay to win currency and its easily gotten by those who dont wanna spend money the game itself seems interesting only thing i dont like is the lack of a world if you wanna only place to kill stuff is the arena
  6. I king beefy
    Joshua Bass
    I love this game its really awsome . I even got my girl hooked on it. Coliseum is fun koi is fun voi is fun aa is fun and chat there could be nothing more friendlier them the ppl in it.
  7. Mark Ford
    Good game and enjoyable. The coliseum can be a bit annoying when you get put against people you've not got any hope of fighting. Apart from that all good
  8. Russ Elliott
    Had this a few months now, just to give it a the nature of RPGs is time...and this has be absolute worst thing I've ever played, even for a mobile game...there is NOTHING engaging about this at all, there's no sense of achieving anything or indeed even doing anything at press the fight win or you lose...getting 0.01% of an experience level, if you're end up hitting stat walls that can take weeks to get over if you're going down the 'better in the long run' route..and days if you're going down the 'better right now' route..where ultimately you end up hitting that wall again..there's no balance to the 'matchmaking' which really just boils down to 'here's a randomly selected player'...there's no action..its 'a single button and the game tells you the outcome', no sense of progress......unless of course you fork out the cash on it...this is freeium in the worst way possible, as in you literally cannot progress without parting with cash
  9. Good game
    Ross Freshwater
    In all very fun lots to do cash helps but not needed .love the armors clans are very helpful only thing that can halt play is cool down times and letting your health and mana recharge.
  10. Expensive, but great
    Mo Patfield
    Very fun game with a fantastic community. A lot of fun can be had, even without paying, but there is a complete other side to the game when you do. To "Max out" your character costs something like £1800. I enjoy looking at discounts and saving techniques to make it cheaper, because in the past I have wasted the money I spent on there. Good game, needs you to pay to be great.
  11. This game
    Jogabriel Alavarez
    This game sucks I'm sorry but reached level 2 but I hated it in the first second .it just gahhhhhhhh it just SUCKS I'm sorry I just didn't get the point I've played as card game that was way more freaking fun
  12. U guys sux
    chris lee
    It free to play but u wont us to spend money to get gold so i rate u 1 star
  13. Sweet game and very addicting if you're into this genre type
    Alex Ballard
    Been playing for over a year now and its been awesome, confusing at first but after awhile I loved it and still love it now, I log on every day
  14. witeria neho
    Its good for meeting gamers alike also it's good if you're in a good clan who are active but it would be good if there were More specials
  15. Not bad
    J Branham
    Desperately needs an option to fight against other people in real time like some oldskool text / picture games did.
  16. Idiot proof
    Clifford Stohner
    Great time consumer,wish we could see battles,better gold opportunity would be good
  17. Pavel Dimitrov
    Why I can't buy gold thru sms system? Before I used this payment method and it worked smooth.
  18. Awesome
    Ayana Durham
    Great game a little hard but you have help from other players. Also they give you tips. Anyone should play it.
  19. Great!
    Jason Williams
    Simple web browser game, text based with some cool images. Prices for in game currency are the best I've seen. Enjoy playing on a break or down time. ☆☆☆☆☆
  20. Epic
    Agostinho Ponte
    Goodbye real life.I wish That the genius that create this master piece did more one epic game like this one.Those existe for pc?


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