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  1. musicofcaph
    This program is pretty capable and easy to use. It fulfilled all my expectation. Adding custom palettes and mora canvas sizes would ne nice addition, but on the other hand it could make the software's ui overcomplicated
  2. No Colour control?
    Chris Babic
    Great app, but no custom colour palettes really limits it's usefulness. At least some additional retro game presets or something would make this infinitely better.
  3. No custom palettes??
    Clyde Rain
    Sorry but it really is a big deal breaker. No custom colours ultimately limits a very very good concept and keeps this from being a serious art tool.
  4. Canvas recovery
    Mirella Formicola
    So some of my saved canvases had glitched and doubled. I'd thought maybe I accidentally hit copy, and went and deleted the extras, then went back to see both were gone. If there's any way to recover them, someone please tell me!!
  5. I need custom palettes!
    Gavin Ehrgood
    I love the idea behind this app. The control is unique and rather cool. But one major flaw: no custom palletes! I usually come up with ideas, then create a pallete to match, but here, it's vice versa! Please allow for custom palettes, preferably through hex numbers.^^
  6. What is everyone talking about
    Deenie Kimberlin
    Everyone says this is great???? Its awful. I try to draw but I have to hold down the dot button that barley ever let's me touch it, let alone when I can the setup is so awkward I can't actually draw anything. This cause me too much frustration
    Mamacrow Helps
    as a programmer this app is great. Whenever I'm not on a computer i can be Making sprites for my games on the go! <3 recommend to anyone. U can then export your files and use them to your liking! And for a phone its interface is great, super faster to draw (I think its even better than a computer!)
  8. Best app ever for art!
    Sally Acorn
    It works perfectly great and it is a good quality also it creates really great art and one more thing is that it has multiple color pallets!!!
  9. Awesome and cute!
    Ben Sorkin
    It works great and drawing feels natural. The little game included with the app is also adorable, but runs a bit laggy for some reason. Aside from that, the app's perfect! Only thing I'd like to see is the ability to make pallets.
  10. Amazing and simple
    Gustavo Brigante
    This is probably my favorite pixelart app and it gave my phone a whole new use. The only problem is that i cant seem to load my old drawings? When i load them they appear cleared as a new canvas so i have to export a lot. still 5 stars because i love dotpict!
  11. Makes you work with what you have
    Captain Fantasy
    I love this app, it's a great way to kill time while still being creative, but the lack of diversity in the color pallets hurts the app's usefulness. Also, maybe a feature for switching color pallets or image size on the fly would be nice. TL;DR: Good app, somewhat lacking, though the download.
  12. So fun and creative! ✌
    Abbie Long
    I love this! It's fun to sit back and create! I have a blast with this game! This game is essential to an artistic person like me,but I love PaintJoy just the same. Though I would love to choose my own palette,because there is no brown in the default pallette. Overall great app!
  13. The best art app in the play store
    David Mundy
    This app is fantastic and easy to use- kudos on the 'mouse' idea, that really puts it above and beyond any art app out there. If I were to suggest anything at all, it would be that you should add the ability to create custom palettes. I understand that switching palettes wouldn't be desirable, as the 16 color limit is a good thing, but it's really frustrating to not have a color you want in a certain composition. Making custom palettes would be great, people could share them along with their artwork.
  14. One of the best
    Oliver Lapinsky
    As far as android pixel art apps go, this one is up there. Sure, it's not exactly professional looking and is a bit limited, but that's because it was meant that way and for what it does, it does it well. The color palettes honestly seem like a great way of monetizing it without making the app ad-ridden and clunky. Of course, I could complain that they could introduce things like symmetry lock and measuring as you draw, but that would almost defeat the point of a very casual, easy-to-use drawing app.
  15. Easy and Effective!
    Lego Monkey
    This app is great for detailed art in every way that it works. The only thing that could be improved is the color pallets. There are many good ones, but each drawing can only contain one color pallet. I would pay to have the ability to switch pallets mid-drawing.
  16. Surprisingly good
    Jasmine B
    After the frustration of many so called pixel app I was ready to write this one off but I found the controls in this app better suited for pixel art. Like others I too would love to see the colour choices expanded. Other wise I'm enjoying the app.
  17. So cute
    Niki Schifferdecker
    Really love the app, couldnt ask for much else. Only thing I wish was that there were more color palettes to download, but hey, a limited color palette challenges your ability! Super great app though, totally in love with it.
  18. Need 1 improvement
    Scott Loryman
    Would give 5 stars if you could change the pallet for a better colour range other wise I cant really fault this app
  19. Great app!
    Rowan G. Hartmann
    Works well. I wish I could switch between color palettes on the same drawing, but that's my only suggestion.
  20. It's great, just one thing bugging me.
    ladre pickens
    There's no custom arts palettes. That's one thing you should of already knew we wanted. So why not give it to use? You guys should be in the process of making it right now.


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