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  1. City Disappeared
    Mark Alvarado
    Went back into the app to check my city... Suprise, not there anymore. Checked support in the app, not much in terms of contact options. Only ticket enquiries which take two days to process, even though FAQ says you have to report with 24 hours.
  2. Reinstall
    Nichole Smith
    I love the game. I took away one star because I had a glitch & had to uninstall it & reinstall it. But it was no big deal
  3. Brian Whittles
    What the he'll is this all about can't even start no tuition nothing
  4. Like it
    Nyescia McGee
    I like it since it helps me relax when I feel stress or when I am bored.
  5. Chris Joe
    This game is pretty awesome. Lots of different stuff to do. Can be played most anywhere and anytime. Not glitchy at all and best thing is if you willin to put in time it can be played enjoyably w/o paying a single cent;)
  6. Love it
    Tina Smith
    Happy towers is amazing not only as a game but its a great way to get to know people from all over the does cost a fair bit of money the further in the game, its very addictive, also there's something really gratifying about the whole thing not giving it away. Try it youll love it. PS an amazing, friendly, helpful city is, city of bad girls, they're far from bad they're an amazing bunch of people!!!
  7. Intriguing
    Dale Rowland
    Fun. Develops over time into a motivated business model. Great stuff.
  8. Happy tower game
    Daniel Lefevte
    Great app fun and progressive to can be addictive just build floors earn coins and buck s join citys chatt to other members all in all this a fun game to play
  9. I actually tried just getting this for coins to begin with.. but i got addicted easily and forgot why i downloaded it
    Destiny Jordan
    I loved this in a heartbeat. It is addicting.. i have a thing for games like this, and as i have said earlier, i downloaded it for coins on another game... but when i opened it to finish the ''run app'' part.. i started playing.. and realized about an hour or 2 later that i was still playing it.... the reason i have it rated at a 4 is because a button does NOT work. I have pressed it and pressed it. The button is the one to upgrade the elevator's level.. not people capacity.. but level.... and it WON'T work.. no matter what I do. This needs to be fixed because i'm sure other people wouldn't wish to encounter this if it happens to them too.. please fix this error in creation... or bug problem. Thank you. My device is an hkc 7in multi touch screen tablet by the way.. just in case that matters.
  10. Awesome
    Zhorth Jno. Charles
    This game is very good, time consuming and a great way to meet people and have fun
  11. Great
    Gosia Mleczko
    Fantastic but very addictive game. And it's free. You can spend money on it if you want to speed up progress on your tower but this is entirely up to you. Played last nearly 2 years and still can't stop!
  12. Good, not easy
    Zaratustra Niche
    Perfect, need a time to learn, addicting...
  13. Rena Aceves
    Love it at first i didn't think i would but i started to notice that almost every hour i was playing
  14. Sherry on samsung ace
    Sherry Smalley
    Pretty cool little game, it certainly is a time filler! And addictive too
  15. Great game
    Misty Ingram
    Has its glitches it doesn't want to always load. Or says I'm logged out while playing. Getting around that its good for mental challenge
  16. Great
    Roxy Grayson
    I love it, and unlike other games of this type, it doesn't lag, force close a lot, not does it freeze my phone. Only down side is the need for "bucks" in order to complete some tasks/build floors. However, they are easy to receive so it's not a huge negative.
  17. Towered
    Stephen Reed
    Very good game like how if you are low on coin 1 dollar helps
  18. Happy tower
    Helen Jones
    Im addicted lol. Love it :-) x
  19. Jennie Northrup
    Best fun I have had in years.. so addicted to this game
  20. Mary Alexander
    I really enjoy this game and its progressive business like adventure. Vacation city rocks.