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  1. Too many forced moves!
    Nsidibeabasi Eduok
    Quite nice to play but could be really annoying when you are forced to forfeit a clear win basically because you have more than a single play option but you are forced to take only the highlighted options! Why should the the direction of moves be forced, instead of being optional?
  2. Nice n challenging
    pearl steele
    Think I've had this before. Very entertaining. Don't like the mandatory capture. OK. YES I REMEMBER AND STILL HATE THE MANDATORY CAPTURE FEATURE.
  3. mas reyama
    hi sir I really like your app but some of your rules are not good I have 2 kings and 2 pieces one of my pieces is almost king and the opponent have only one king the game make it draw automatically its no good please try to fix that thank you
  4. Nice
    However, game options should include a variety of rules from which the player(s) are accustomed to, or at least provide the international rules. This version makes no sense to me.
  5. One mistake in rules - taken from Russian rules
    Menno de Block
    Hi Miroslav, thanks for the app. Disregard everyone complaining about the rules, they expect checkers, not draughts. However, one thing is incorrect: when taking 1 or more of the opponent's pieces, leading to creating a king, your app forces a continued taking of the opponent's pieces by that king, if possible - within the same move. This is a rule from Russian draughts (8x8) and does not apply to international rules. In international rules, the king is only created AFTER the move, not DURING the move.
  6. Don't
    Cheryl Park
    Don't get it cuz it is a crap game you are forced to make the move the computer wants you to make! Don't do it!
  7. Hated it, uninstalling
    Kim Larson
    The opponents can move their regular pieces backwards but I can not? Where are the rules?
  8. xtra xternal
    Thanks for lovely game.this is my fav board while i just 12 year ago.even 10 full star not enough because of online match.still backward "eat" not a legitmate move in malaysia except for .and why i cant select malaysia as country?.this is world game right?.
  9. Lame
    Terirev Rawr
    It's stupid, it forces you to jump and pawns can double jump forward and backwards, really freaking stupid app
  10. Multiplayer problems
    Jim Brown
    I love the game but I keep getting some 7000 error when I try to play online . Pls help , its the main reason I love the game so much.
  11. Code
    Judy Cisco
    Appgratis code not working. It gives notice incorrect code. Trying to play with the ads is very disconcerting. Can you please fix this and I will rate again.
  12. Rules Change Request
    Ray Ruediger
    Please add the ability to turn on/off backward moves of single level pieces in settings to accommodate local variation of game. Other than that, nice game play. Thank you.
  13. Rules?
    Wayne Feasby
    Not sure where these rules are from, certainly not my part of Europe! Singles should not be able to move backwards. Doubles/kings should only be able to move over one empty space, not as many as you like, albeit in any direction. Will be uninstalled asap and looking for a version with the correct rules.
  14. Uncrowned pieces take backwards
    Mark Hobley
    Computer plays uncrowned pieces in backward direction in multihop.
  15. Promo Code not working
    Mubashar Shah
    Hi, Promo code "appgratis" is not working... :(
  16. Fun new twist on checkers that I am used to.
    Thane Ahrens
    I am just now learning this and having fun doing it. A huge plus that I can play against friends online from far away.
  17. Good,
    Travis Williams
    But the rules are different, slightly, and the game does not explain them. It would be nice to have different rules.
  18. Drima Divine
    The gg line (long diagonal) is meant to be on the right hand side... And this is wrongly placed at the left hand side... Also it is too weak... At the highest level...
  19. John Doe
    Looks great. Very weak. Rules don't exist in this game and this mess shouldn't be called international checkers.
  20. Excellence
    robert owusu
    Nice interactive game, l enjoy it very much.


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