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Magdalena P | Office Operations Manager

Greater New York City Area |

Reviews 1,165,760

  1. If u have a galaxy s 5 active don't get it
    Muzic Superstar
    I know most of them It just will not let my type them it looks awesome though maybe it will work 4 my phone if they update it please respond
  2. Anji Mahoney
    Stopped working every other answer to the point where it was literally reported 75 times...I deleted it and I am so glad it didn't cost to download or they would be refunding my crappy
  3. A good game but....
    Geordenia Stevens
    This game can prepare you for the real world its good for children to build up their knowledge of logos at a early age. But some kids may see it as boring so change the layout and let us choose the colour
  4. The most fun.
    Marla Williams
    U can try to figure out different logos, and it is so fun. My review is pretty darn good if I say so myself. Some parts of the logos are missing. There are levels and if you reAch level 4 or more than you can go to extra levels and try to figure out the slogans. You have to press one of the letters then another and so on to get the right answers. There are hints so if you don't know a logo at all they give you hints like if it is a chip factory or if they just take out letters on the bottom. This real fun.
  5. Very gud game
    Rekha Subashchand
    Makes u think n learn about different companies and there slogans n sign. Very gud game for time pass also
  6. Won't work on Galaxy S3 - Serious problems entering letters
    Toga Cat
    Game does not allow you to enter multiple letters. Requires you to back out each time you want to enter a letter. I can't afford to upgrade to a Galaxy S4 or higher just for this game. Before this problem occurred I used to love this game.
  7. Dangerously addicted now
    Mariana J
    It is amazing. It will consume you badly!!! Got 466 logos on my first day...
  8. Family game night on the go!
    I'm not one for having a lot of apps on my phone. One day I forgot my daughter's book during my son's karate class. I thought this would be a quick thing for her to play, then I'd delete it. No way! The whole family loves it! They rather play this game than the one on their tablets.
  9. Good game...
    shashidhar s Dhar
    But 1 star for cheating on hints...I installed and checked trivago app but got nothing... That's ridiculous.... Installing app for the same... You cheaters
  10. Love it
    Oshea Andres
    It is so catchy you know what some are but then you don't know what they are but some times it is very hard and you do not know what to do .Just to say (they)are logos you will love it or it might be bad for you to play.
  11. Where's my extra hints???
    Katherine Johns
    Very addictive! Only bad thing is when I download apps to earn free hints, I don't always get the hints! Those extra hints would really be helpful in the higher levels I'm on now! Originally gave this 5 stars but changed it to 4 until this problem with my extra hints is resolved. I took MY time to do what I had to do to earn extra hints, my inbox is now bombarded with junk email and I still don't have my extra hints. Sorry way of rewarding people for using app & playing game.
  12. Its fun and i like
    Nydonna Gibbs
    It cool that it has bounus levels too. Its fun to play when you when you need something to do to kill time while waiting.
  13. Like it 4 thumbs up
    Ana Samantha
    I like it its fun to play but only i haven't seen some before
  14. Would give 5 stars , but great game
    Vijayshri Haibati
    I dint give it 5 stars because in free hints we will install other apps but we dont get hints thats the problem , other than this its a great game actually its all about fun and big brands , guessing by the slogans etc . More than me my child enjoys & please me a solution for my complain about free hints .
  15. Addict Lover
    Editha Cajipe
    Everytime I played this game LOGO QUIZ I felt an addict playing it...I don't wanna stop until I need to do something important...Feeling relax during leizzure tym....
  16. LOGO quiz
    Jessie williams
    Fun fun fun I enjoy the challenge and hints make it enjoyable to learn more about companies you didn't know about.
  17. It's good.
    Ace Gonzilvio
    One of my fave mind games. But I don't like the fact that internet connection or data is needed once you reached the highest levels. I like games who do not need such so i can play them anytime, anywhere.
  18. Juan Vuletich
    Other than the fact that the hints are the same as the description, which isn't very helpful (hey, I wasn't alive in 1875 to witness the creation of the company), it's the best head scratcher I played in years. Endless logos and fun.
  19. Amazing....
    Cubical Piano
    This game was supposed to be one of those games which were in my library only temporarily.... But I was wrong now it is in my permanent collection! Simply loved this game install it now or the game police will kill you for ignoring this lovely game!
  20. Full logo doesn't appear
    ronnie antony
    It would be cool if the proper logo would appear after entering the right answer..... :/ turned me off


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