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  1. A good idea poorly executed
    rebbekah cannons
    I love dragons dogma but was highly let down by this app while im sure it has useful info ,its not visable very much and only takes up a small corner of my screen ,the instructions also dont help me figure out how to gift an item every day ,also needs dark arisen update but needs to fix all the major problems first, i know this could be great otherwise :)
  2. Alright
    Mark ODonnell
    This app has great oppurtunitys but it blows them. I absolutely LOVE the game it is like the second coming of skyrim which i strongly recommend.
  3. Wrong links
    Stuart Burns
    Pawn community has moved but this app still points to old one. Also the information on the citizens cannot be scrolled.
  4. Really?
    Zachary Ramirez
    Because just to start, some of the ages might be wrong. Alita is 18 by wiki, can't scroll info, old pawn community, LET ME TYPE THE NAME OF THE CURATIVE I WANT TO FIND, SO I CAN FIND WHERE IT IS! I like the affinity thing though.
  5. Could've been allot better.
    john legg
    Wish there were weapons and a combinations guide. Otherwise it's pointless for an app.
  6. You get to fight dragons and cast spells
    River Warner
    This game might be the best game I have ever played in my life.
  7. Great guide
    James Badour
    Just add the game and youll be done
  8. Sucks
    Errol David Tan
    This thing sucks cause u cant do anything and if your looking for wallpapers just use the google
  9. Terrible
    Cowboy_ Chuck_Gaming
    It wont let me on citesen regesytry dont get It :-(
  10. Cool
    Christian Hawkins
    I think this is good but I would make an app where It tells you the percentage of getting specificgear from a specific chest
  11. Worthless
    Andrew Nail
    It looks like a guide but it's not. All the information it has is in the game already, and it only has info on food and people. Absolutely pointless. My guess is it's another attempt by the sell-outs Capcom to make their fans get into the game more or something.
  12. Well...
    Lennart Labahn
    Weapons would've been nice like weight, damage, where they at, what quests I gotta do to get it, price for Buying it and selling it and even more information about the citizens kinda like where they are at exactly on the map and Wallpapers which I can use with out having a affinity from citizens
  13. Doesn't download
    austin hanna
    Says insufficient storage available but I have more than enough.
  14. Huge dragons dogma fan!
    lee Parkinson
    With the current info its not usefull past citizen help. But needs updating with armory, location, combination and beastiary info not to mention help and maybe guides for the new expansion \"dark arisen\" which is freakin awesome! Worth maybe two stars for old game but is now seriously outdated please sort this. Also to any dragons dogma players feel free to use my pawn lvl 200 I think the pawns name is kelsier
  15. Hi
    paris ivey
    Its a great game but needs more weapons to buy and armor can u please put more in it


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