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  1. Good game
    michael giordano
    Basically a good game, would recommend but not the best game ever.
  2. Love The Game
    Joseph Donovan
    And would be a 5 star rating from me but as a seasoned player I feel that once you hit a certain point of your game it becomes a bit stagnant in the sense that to go any higher costs a fortune.
  3. This is just... awful.
    Glenn Flood
    This game had to have been invented by a bunch of lazy teenagers. There isnt even any real tank vs. tank combat! Its just a bunch of bullshit. Dont waste your time with this game. Why are all of these tank terrible. I have seen some very bad tank games but this has to be the worst tank game ever!
  4. Brad Ainslie
    Stupid. This qualifies as strategy? Tap a button. Get an instant result? There is no strategy here. Move along.
  5. Meh
    Chloe Boyd
    Its a good enough game, easy to play and passes time.
  6. Great simple tank game
    Luke Rogers
    I like that you guys have training, mods, and ect, but I would love the game more if you also had more tanks of each type and they all had different stats on them.
  7. Darian Howard
    How can anybody make a stupid game can't even drive around in a tank
  8. Simple & Fun!
    Ryan Klootwyk
    Easy to play & doesn't take your time up!
  9. Good game
    Stuart Payne
    Good game! Not to basic but not overly complicated, friendly team or solo game
  10. I love this game
    Jason Riggs
    I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed playing this game! this app rocks!! I don't know why everybody doesn't download it
  11. Tanks
    Pal indig
    As a world of tanks player, I accept your game.
  12. Its so great
    Carmelo Sandoval
    I really like this because its really fun and. I like action games so I u like it download it and I don't reacret downloding it
  13. Don't understand
    Wee Keng Hor
    What's this game even about? All you do is just click and click the button.
  14. John Howden
    Graet game good for passing some time but get fed up with having to reload the game
  15. Sotir Nikolov
    What the ...... How people can create that stupid game...
  16. Paul Patrin
    Lamest game ever....its a text only game.! No actual gameplay!!!Boooo
  17. Good app!
    Ольга Лудина
    Very convenient and useful! Thanks to the developers!
  18. TANKS
    Benna Gerbo
    this game looked fun but it's stupid
  19. Lol
    samir livadic
    It's stupid game just like mafia wars
  20. Awesome
    Spenser Wardak
    Lina Kasperavičiūtė avatar image
    Lina Kasperavičiūtė April 15, 2015
    One of the most addicting games from the developers I tried all of Overmobile's games and this one was the most addicting. And it's actually not that hard to achieve someone without buying gold, with hard work and effort you can reach high places even without it. I really liked the game, though, I do agree that the pay to play feature is a bit too much and the prices of upgrades should be lower for those who can't buy gold.


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