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Harry Evry | Creative Technical Designer, Developer, Media & FX Producer, Experience, Game, App, Software & Firmware Engineering

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Reviews 156,266

  1. Good game but slow.
    Steven Sedgeman
    Really needs uranium and mineral transfers in squads as well, perhaps a resource to gem converter, There needs to be limits so high level players can't keep attacking noobs with low fame to gain easy resources, ALSO A LAST LOGIN TIME AND DATE IN SQUAD VIEW SO WE CAN KEEP TRACK ON MEMBERS IN THE SQUAD. Thanks.
  2. Game doesn't go full screen
    Anthony Goodley
    So vital info is cut off with no way to work around on my end. Please fix ASAP, ty.
  3. Won't work
    stephen Trosclair
    Its a great game but it won't let me raid I had to leave my squad and almost stop playing the game if you could help me I will put it back to 5 stars
  4. good game
    bryan jaleco
    i hope that thier would be bunkers to load units to defend the base ang i hope the hq has upgrades like canons to defend it self or some kind of shield that deflects or stop attacks. But anyway Good game. wish thier are alien races as well. oh and i hope it has an offline campaign mode which is not to much time consuming
  5. StarCrash! Fun game, good graphics.
    Hugh Walenski
    Standard base defence game with themes lent from a game you can guess. One missing element here included in similar games is a test attack ability in your own base.
  6. Greate game
    Medal Of Honor WarFighters
    This 3D game is looks like ps3 game, i lovet and its not two hard, for smart phone to lunch.
  7. Great game
    Ryan Goodall
    Very addictive. Progression is deliberately slow which is good for longevity. Best of all, it's free, doesn't require in-app purchases to progress, and not plagued with ads!
  8. Richard Eagon
    Good game. Need player profiles how many troops they receive to how many they donate. To boost items with gems cost to much. Coc 10 gems boost barracks for 2 hours here 20 gems boost one for 45 min. New upgraded troops are cool. Ore extractors need a better ratio. To little ore in an hour. Needs changed just a little. Other than that it's a pretty good game
  9. Don't even bother
    John Schlegel
    I tried to like this game, but after 6 months of constantly having my "Fame Points" artificially inflated by people dropping 1 troop in and then retreating to give me points, only to later have others come in and raid me when I could do nothing to stop them, it became evident that this is a P2P/P2W game. There is no way to accumulate enough resources to get structures to higher levels without coining because of the near-continuous indefensible attacks by higher-level players. I got to level 42 before saying enough is enough. The only reason I'm giving 2 stars is for the graphics.
  10. Awesome graphics but attack sequence can be improved
    Shubhadip Bhowmick
    Awesome graphics , makes watching attacks up close in 3D really interesting, but troop attack sequence could be better... Like when hawks hit a wall.. They seem to try to break those even if another passage is open... Or even if the resource is destroyed and the rest of the troops have moved to another target... Those hawks seem to be on the same wall .... :/ all over 3 out of 5
  11. Improvement
    Max Isidore
    Hi this is just a thought but why not allow the defender if the player is victorious to earn in uranium a bonus what ever the attacker spent on the attack on units and command ship technical maneuvers. That will help greatly and make a victory while defending equal that of attacking. Thank you.
    Christopher Fetalver
    its a bit slow when dragging to change view.. and you should increase the view so the player can see bit more of the battlefield specially to those who uses smaller devices. But in all its a good game.
  13. 2 Stars
    Zy Co
    2 stars because good graphic and smooth, but other than that is bad. 1. Too dark athmosphere, need to set high phone brightness and that mean consume more battery.; 2. Music (bgm) too low and ned to set high volume to hear it clearly.; 3. The worst thing is hard to get Mineral and Uranium because of "You need to get at least 1 star" system, get NOTHING if you didnt get any star, this is stupid concept, and just make a burden to players.
  14. good, but....
    Jamius SIAM
    there's no directional lighting + real time shadows like the trailer.... I've got Mali 450MP4 along with 1.7 GHz Octa Core..... so it should be there.... apart from this, it is an awesome game.... add gfx/graphics option in settings..... I'll suggest this game to everyone I know once you've added this..... love it....
  15. Entertaining
    Paul Adam
    The game is entertaining, but at times frustrating. Here are suggested improvements: 1. When attacking enemies, allow me to prioritize targets. Why are my soldiers beating a path through an open wall while being schooled by a cannon? 2. Allow me to set up a queue of build or upgrade commands to run through the night 3. Allow notifications to have a do-no-disturb time so it doesn't chime in the middle of the night
  16. Good game
    Dat Pham Hoang
    It would be great to have squad war, in-game friend adding and peer to peer messaging. Cannon updated shape is really ugly. Prefer the old cannon.
  17. Larger wars
    Michael Smith
    I wish we could get more units on the battlefield. I'm a fairly high level and can only get 64 units but some troops take more than one unit so I'm not fighting with 64 troops more like 30 and that's kinda small but other than that this is the best game of its sort and I like playing
    Tyrece Van Der Merwe
    Hi, when will the next update be plz!!!!!! Thanks for an awesome game :-D
  19. Awesome
    Richard Simon Kaylie
    Well this is an up to date review of the game and not much has changed since my last review still has the payout to low or the cost of troops too high. fix those things and and its 5 stars because to me its no good if im not advancing due to that. ;)
  20. Love it
    Harry Verney
    Its like clash of clans but 3D and very simple its a great game super fun I'm upgrading my town hall to level 5 hooray for me:-D :-D :-D


What`s new

- The level 12 Command Center was developed by our engineers and now has a defensive cannon capable of stopping our enemies in their tracks.
- New mechanic of receiving redmin by subscription.
- New mechanic of upgrading by rarities.
- You may now only write to the global chat when part of a squad.
- Added the ability to cancel upgrades in the Engineering Bay.
- And lots of minor improvements.

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