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arquitectura planos de casa
arquitectura y diseño de casas
cad drawing app
dulux visualizer app
home design
дизайн комнат и ремонт
построй свой дом
создать персонажа
تعمير بيوت



Doriane Iop | Communication Manager

Mathieu Larivière | Lead Game Designer

Alain Limouzin | Art Director

Luc Larouche | Project Manager

Reviews 3,353

  1. Good, but kinda meh
    David Williams
    Ok. This game is good but there isn't enough furniture unless you buy it, plus there should be a feature to drop walls. Lastly, why no extra floors??? And please stop bugging me to buy the full Version!!!!!!!
  2. It is not free
    mochamad adrian
    Its trial version and you can use it only for two hours. Just wasting your bandwidth
  3. Free for installed.. but..
    malvin vilicane
    Sure, I have a good expectation for this application because I love to design the interior. Then, this application is downloaded for free.. I am really disappointed by this application because it is trial version and I still need to purchase to unlock the contents. Thank you!
  4. Luke Gresty
    Has alot of faults compared to ipad version. Applying colors to items in 3d mode is very hard. Should be double tap to apply instead of the swiping that it is now. Also, in 2d mode, you cant edit the size of a room after you have made it, so it becomes a pain if you want it bigger or smaller. In 2d mode, putting in furniture is hard, as when your finger goes towards the edge of the screen, it doesnt stop the screen moving, it carrys on! HOW STUPID. I recommend the app on IPAD but this has alot of floors
  5. 5 STAR APP!!
    Jaime Haley
    I really do like this app and it is the best one if it's kind that I've found so far. Readily available instructions that are not hard to discover would be super nice bc there's a lot if stuff to learn and get used to. Definitely what I was looking for tho! Very pleased with it! Now that' it's kept me up all night, I think we may have a problem! Lol
  6. Needs these tweeks
    April Lane
    1. Improve effiientcy - Needs ability to quickly change lengths, etc by typing. dragging is cumbersome when exactness is important 2.. More styles & variation (without overloading the items lists) - Make colloring of all furnishings, etc., a separate step 3. Ability to self-create simple furnishings, like a glass box with fire image in it, representing a small two sided firebox that could be added to the bathroom -- Make other user's misc. item-creations "public" so we all can borrow from each other's inventions.
  7. HOMEDesign3D
    Alexis Barrs
    This app is so good. I never knew that there was a app like this. l think that thay should make a part 2.
  8. Underhanded
    Ron Reolfi
    Once entire floor plan was entered, program freezes, with an offer to buy version so current plan can be saved. I bought the full version, and my plan shows as available to be loaded, but it's empty. Wasted an hour of my time and stole $7 from me. Either a remarkable coincidence or underhanded.
  9. jason ulmer
    I really like this game it is really fun game to play I can build my dream house but I hate all the adds that show up
  10. Savannah Cariker
    Absolutely love this app! It actually gives me an idea of what I want my house to look like and it looks realistic unlike the other apps. One thing they could improve though is the variety of the items. Some of the stuff I would like, they don't have. But otherwise great app! (:
  11. Good. Not Great.
    Jennifer Kieffer
    I used this trial version first (2 hours only) and then decided to upgrade to the $6.99 version. The program is easy to use. However, it keeps crashing when I try to make small/specific changes to the length or placement of walls.
  12. Great
    Rachel Bilderback
    Great app. I find the movementa/measuring difficult to manage, though. I wish it had a type in option to put in wall measurements.
  13. Joanne Robinson
    I want to have the full version but it is 6.99 if we already had it all or it was 1.00 for the full version. I would give it a five stars oh and can we save our work I want to save them but I cant.
  14. Good but freezes
    I really like this app but it freezes so much whenever I try to connect two walls. that makes it aggravating but I still like it because it's easy to use and the choice of furnishings is good.
  15. Force Closes
    Adrian Terrell
    Update...Issue with force close had been fixed, love the app, just have one question....Is there a way to remove the ceiling? For situations like creating a patio deck. Also being able to create second floor and basement should be the next step.
  16. Love it!
    Trent Blake
    I just wish my phone wasn't so small, which makes it hard to design. Do y'all have a desktop application I could install for my computer?
  17. Loved application
    Malik Abuhadabeh
    It is doing exactly what it says, I understand point of purchasing for more features but even the more features are very few comparing with upgrade charges that can see easily from locked pictures assigned for upgrade then purchase
  18. Perfected
    Arise Shine
    This is super awesome ever seen I must confess. God please bless the designer of this app.
  19. Mas Karebet
    very simple and easy, i have upgrade to gold version, i need more furniture model please...
  20. Home Design 3D
    Brian Joseph
    The trial version is immediate so don't activate/install it until you have the 2 hours to play and graps how to use it. Recommend the quick tutorial in the APP before to try and figure it out on your own. I like what I am seeing so far so I can visualize my floor plans with all the dimensions. Since I don't have the gold version yet, I can't rate the additional object packs. Over all, I like the simplicity to rapidly prototype floor plan options. One down fall that I can see in the trial version is the ability to have rooms at different elevations. I will buy the Gold Version and see what more it has.


What`s new

- 100 new objects.
- New feature : The Community awaits you! A fresh new gallery has been added to Home Design 3D!

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