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Maxime Capron | Global Publishing at Ateam Inc.

日本 |

Brady Mehagan | Global Business Lead, Entertainment Division General Manager, & Ateam Inc. Corporate Officer

Nagoya, Aichi, Japan |

Reviews 184,158

  1. Gear spawns need to be fixed
    Coleen Valentine
    Want to play a priest or mage sink 150 gems into gear spawn get nothing but lancer and archer junk, dont sink money into this game unless you wanna play whatever class you roll gear for
  2. after i play maybe i give 5 star
    sam toledanes
    i just download this game today but game is under maintenance pls pls pls hurry up i badly want to play this game im looking forward for this ... im excited thanks and btw im a solid user of [+]home themes ^_^ love love love more power
  3. Perfect
    KiLLa KiLLo
    before this i was playing brave frontier but i got bored and saw this in an ad and i love it unlike BF i can actually be in the same match with my friends and fight others around the world
  4. Expensive, but awesome.
    james burchill
    Incredibly fun game. Great player base. Now if only I didn't have to take out a second mortgage to afford gems.
  5. Downloading
    jodee lake
    I haven't really been able to play the game because it takes forever to download resources and then won't get pass 8% without saying download failed or that I need to check my WiFi connection even though I have perfect WiFi connection I hope this gets fixed because I would low to actually try it the game
  6. Shuts down
    Ayomide Babs
    I like the game but when I'm doing the tutorial on the greator wyvern with the master guild the game shuts down please help and I'll rate 5 star's
  7. Pretty good but...
    Lynneth Valk
    As a mmorpg it's lacking a trade system. I would love to be able to trade stuff to my friends or even guild mates when they needed it.
  8. Aaron Lindsey
    Not bad and has its quirks only thing I have issue with in games like this is the use of energy/stamina. While I can understand it in terms of well this way people can't farm or get super strong really fast there's also the issue where some people can't play for long periods of time which ends up in small gains over long periods
  9. This games takes forever to start
    Pablo Frausto
    I installed this app, created an avatar and I been waiting for 20 minutes for game to begin and still have not been able to play
  10. Gear spawn needs diversity.
    Luso Lawliet
    Should have a thing where you'll a get chance to spawn weapons/armors of different classes more often. Like say if you spawned a weapon that's more for a soldier (like a sword) then they should increase to chances of getting a weapon for another class. Other than that, really awesome game. Love the customization options and how you can play with your friends. I live with my roommates and we're adventuring together. XD
  11. Game kick u n black screens
    Jose Rivera
    Would rate 5 star but I only log in for guild battle I can no longer do that because the game starts to kick you or u get a black screen when u try to log in or won't let u log in at all till guild battle is over n there suggestions to fix the issue don't work fix it or I go play racing rivals spend my money over there mf
  12. So much fun!
    Antonio Gonzalez
    Guilds are so interactive and gameplay is top notch! Steady stream of new items. Gems are very expensive though
  13. Nereliell K
    Soooo, I just used saved up profeciency to get +8% magic defense on gear for the third ring in the cleric class aaaand nothing happened :/ I really like this game but sometimes I don't get boosts and I can't re-set them. Pleeeease can you fix it so I get my gear boost??? Other than that, this game is pretty good and addictive
  14. couldnt even play
    Sophia Bui
    my downloads keep failing at 75% so i never was able to get a chance to play :( sucks bc i was really excited to play too
  15. 1 Issue
    Dakota Kaiser
    I love the game, all in all. The only issue I really have with it is when you want to chat with people, especially friends you make. I would really appreciate more characters in the chat boxes. The 64 character limit just bothers me.
  16. Great game
    Hugh Kee
    This is the most player interactive games I've played yet. The colosseum is cool and everything but it would be nice if you could challenge people you meet in the lobby to a duel. They would have to accept and there doesn't have to be a prize but I think it would be fun to have a duel feature.
  17. Two things
    sparkly kittens ;3;
    I love Unison league but there's just two things that always bug me :/ i always get the same thing when I try the spawn. And its hard to get diamonds.
  18. Corey Wheeler
    The game is pretty good. I rayed 4 star because don't let the so called "increase in sr or ssr spawn rates" fool you. The rates are barely increased have spent loads of gems on summons and constantly try get rares. Not a good way to get your game out there A TEAM. Not good at all. Will give 5 stars once the "spawn rate increase" actually makes a difference
  19. Very good for what it is
    Bianca Severino
    Great character customization, battle mechanics, and guild system. Gem prices could stand to be lower, the prices just aren't worth it for the RNG. Not much to say for PvP yet, I'm sure they're working out balancing issues.
  20. Last update ruined it
    Hope Youdie
    The game was great! The best ever. Good balance and skill eould trump pay to play most of the time. Not any more. There is no reason to play anything other than a lancer and forget gear you have to buy unison monsters and only worry about uni. If you win a uni you crush the other team AND they lose theirs. I also believe they have been hacked cheaters are rampant. RiP unison league


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