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  1. Perfect!
    Anthony Ortale
    This game is fantastic and well worth the money. It's perfect for a restaurant table setup with friends and it's so awesome it can all be done on one phone. I hadn't planed this game in a couple years, just redownloaded it, and was pleased to see the developer is still adding new puzzles! Fantastic work, keep it up!
  2. Awesome Game
    Mike Blake
    This game is the best multiplayer experience on android. Always adding new games and never the same game twice. Me and the lil lady play this anytime we are board or waiting on food or service. Exceptional in all areas the adaptive difficulty means no one ever gets too far ahead and keeps the action alive. I wish more developers realized that people enjoy competitive multiplayer, however this is really the only game that fills that need. Thanks so much for this wonderful game!
  3. Awesome game!
    Simon Alsing
    I've been using this game as a drinking game for a time now, and I must say, it is by FAR one of the best and most appreciated drinking games I've played. Drink when you press wrong and drink the difference between you and the winner in the end. Everyone is willing to join in, as it is nothing about sharing secrets or stuff, just click as fast as possible, and as the night goes on you will drink more and more!
  4. Worth paying for
    Robert Morris
    I bought this back when I got my very first android phone (g1) and I still play it. It's fun to play with others.
  5. Great Game
    Luke Butler
    Really fun to play with friends! Single player scoring is petty messed up for the blue for maze though.
  6. Very good, couple bugs
    Alex Monson
    Very good fun and time passer. A few bugs: 1. Illusion: Tracks is far too small and hard to see on Nexus 5 screen. 2. Pairs always shows a matching pair in the screen right away. It used to take at least 5 seconds for a pair to appear on the screen.
  7. Love it
    Naoko Fushimi
    Very fun, very simple, very easy to learn how to play. Lots of variety. Been playing with this for years now great for times when you're just sitting around waiting I.e. Airport. Love how easy it is to get into it.
    David Stewart
    It pretty gay (That's a good thing)
  9. Could be better
    Dustin Johnson
    If you can make it where it is online where we can compete against other people.
  10. Great fun
    Scary Barry
    Excellent game for fun and the brain. Also for multi-player. Fun for hours and never get board.
  11. Great time waster
    Matthew Heinrichs
    I've used this app mainly on road trips with friends. Its great if your ever stuck with nothing to do with a few people. Everyone seems to enjoy it.
  12. Excellent
    Rafael Gibran Amparán Durán
    Normally played with my gf while we wait for an order in some restaurant.
  13. Superb....buh it has some glitches
    Prabhu Karthik
    Please fix the glitches in single player mode!!
  14. Worth Paying 2.99
    Guillermo Batista
    Try it.. Is a great game. It. Really helps your mind fun games for couples..see of you can beat your girlfriend
  15. The best!
    Tomas Hrubovcak
    Thank you for the Panda module! Thanks ever so much!
  16. Graphics
    Michael Schär
    Graphics need better resolution! I can count the pixels on my nexus 9
  17. Ashwin Pinto
    Loved the two player. got the four player paid version. Great app. Amazing to kill time while traveling. It's perfect as a drinking game too!
  18. Good job
    Petr Gottinger
    My friends do not like this game because I am always better than them ☺
  19. Thank You for Fewer Permissions
    Craig Ashcraft
    Thank you for offering this purchase version of Reactor without ads and with fewer permissions. I love this game, great fun for anyone on the go.
  20. Great for any occasion
    Miguel González Cuadrado
    Many different games, virtually zero explaining required for new players, instant fun.


What`s new

* New languages: Basque, Indonesian, Hebrew
* Bugfixes to game flow
* Language fixes for German, Basque, Finnish, Italian, Korean, Russian
* Layout improvements for tablets
* New Mini-Game: Blue Dot Labyrinth, Find the Panda

* New mode: Fitting Ball
* New language: Swedish
* Fixes for Czech language
* Fixes for Jelly Bean (Flags & Mouse Maze)