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Reviews 34,323

  1. Like it but a little hard
    The Great Bombastic
    I like the game alot but i feel the ai in random games is very OP. I am in a game that is about 10-20 turns in and one of the AI has like 5 catapults while i am struggling to make even one. (lack of balancing?) Thats about the only problem ive seen with the game. Or is this encouragement to play campaign? Great game anyway keep doing what you do.
  2. Map making
    Trevor Bennett
    This game is AMAZING. I dump lots of time into it, i would dump even more time into it if there was the option to create maps in the app itself and play them. IF YOU ADDED THIS FUNCTION IN THE GAME IT WOULD BE APSOLUTLY FLAWLESS. Thank you for the great game. Great job developers.
  3. Best game ever
    Jolee Derrick
    I can't find any other strategy games like it! Only thing it was bad about is one time I was doing a map and I killed a pikeman and it said I failed the map so there should be more fixes in next udates
  4. Great Game and Great Developers
    Richard Gleason
    One of my favorite games! They update all the time and listen to what their customers have to say improve the game with those customer comments!
  5. Love this game
    mike hawk
    This game is overall amazing but there is one tiny thing u need to change and that is the difficulty vs. The cpu
  6. epic game
    Steven Lendrum
    good strategy game there need's to be more games like this there needs to be a boat that can hold more troops
  7. Old school
    Michael S
    Grate game good strategy just like when I was younger and no add
  8. Great game
    Blake Neary
    I can't wait for the fantasy version.
  9. Reminds me of Civilization on MS-DOS
    Derek Z
    Fans of the old Sid Meier Civilization will love this. Fun time killer :)
  10. Awesomesauce
    Zeth Pacrem
    This game is should add dragon and hawk rider and only the castle can train them.tnx but how do you mend troops
  11. Deserves its rating
    Gustavo Castro
    Just download it, you wont regret it
  12. Friends
    Arthur Salas
    I love this game and I want most people to love it as well, I want to play a game with others so we can be friends and play a lot of games.
  13. Tony King
    I reckon you should show the number of turns your up too in each stage. that way you know if your going to get 3 stars. oh and you should make that your infantry units can get on & off horses. and is it posdible to get all 3 stars on each level
  14. Nice game
    Petit Rinetyo
    Good to play. I need more gem.
  15. Playing every day
    arnes beganovic
    Addicting :) It is actually the only game I play. Best.
  16. Awesome
    Daniel Ward
    Plenty of support, good game engine, unlimited repeatability, no pay to win. And fairly simple controls once you understand it. The ai is enough to challenge without being op and the game is comparatively small in terms of app size for the enjoyment.
  17. Please read
    Morrison Picklesimer
    When you click the fast forward button you should be able click it again to skip directly to your turn instead of waiting because it takes way to long when you on turn 50 please fix it to where you can do it. Other than that absolutely the best game I have ever have played!
  18. Game is amazing
    brandin c
    The developer(s) deserve all the praise. Very responsive and effective. Great system and gameplay. Excited to see new troops in the game.
  19. Great app
    Zoom Zam
    Pretty fun app, takes a long time to play so great for wasting tine. However, some of my maps in the storyline section have recently started crashing or not working (ex, next to last one on the 2nd story line one, walls~, doesn't load and keeps asking me to check for an update but there isnt any)
  20. Aaron Garcia
    Best game ever pls don't stop making maps and new updates


What`s new

New units:
New various peasants
New campaign:Beginner's guide, thanks to PussInBoots!
New feature:Restructured help section, with unit browser
New feature:Trigger editor unit type selector is using visual gridview
New feature:option to set campaign map difficulty
Change: Pay mercenary 3 to 4 turns.
Change: Added Ornithopter bonuses again - +30% vs siege and ships, +100% vs armored siege machines

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