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aoe castle siege


Monthly active users estimation: 600000


Mr Nijjer | Head Fund Manager

London, United Kingdom |

Tamas Balog | Head of Studio at Zen Studios

Hungary area |

Bobby Loertscher | Community Manager at ZEN Studios

San Francisco Bay Area |

Steven Hopper | Director of Communications at ZEN Studios

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 143,755

  1. Too much Space needed...
    Vince Bacay
    When i play singplayer its ok but when i play miltiplayer the game stop and go to home then i saw notification says my ram is full.... what should i do ... sorry for my english:)
  2. brilliant
    Frank Sienot
    very good game. a mix between tactics, magic and castle defence. every level is different due to the fact that you don't always have the same materials and weapons to your proposal. it's up to you to figure out the right combi ation of weaponry and gadgets to complete the level. also very nice visuals, only downside is, it's a batery drain
  3. Fun and awesome game
    Jordan LaVenture
    There's way too many ads, after every game it's a 30 second ad. I get wanting to make money but this is overkill. I can't enjoy the game, I know I can buy the pro version but now have no desire now.
  4. The game wont start
    Hans Elijah Matela
    The game wont even start! What will I do?! Get this game working I'll give u 5 stars
  5. Would be good
    Todd Worth
    Very unresponsive controls. Have to click four times sometimes for it to respond, by which time four enemies pass by. Fun in easy mode. Frustrating past that due to irrisponsive gameplay. Not sure if [ad] day of the viking ripped this off or the other way around. Either way. Fun at first.
  6. Great game!
    Richie Gabito
    if not fir the ads.... but still, it's great!
  7. Good game, worth the money
    Morgan d'Cart
    Ads are obnoxious, but the game is well made, and the dev has to make money somehow. AI is pretty retarded sometimes (would be nice if my soldiers would work together instead of trying to 1v1 every enemy on the map. Apart from that though, the game is well put together, glitch free (samsung Note 4), and very addictive. Definitely worth the download, and if the ads really bother you that much, it's only two dollars to remove them. That's half as much as a Starbucks Coffee and will last way the hell longe
  8. It's a lot of fun.
    Matthew Herrmann
    And I recognized that Age Of War theme on the first boar level.. it was a little different bug very obviously the same song. It's a nice song though. Games fun, it has enough diversity to keep it interesting.
  9. GOOD!!!
    Abdullah Haroon
    It is the best strategy game I have ever played. And for people who think ads are irritating, they can turn off the Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G or whatever they use as Internet and then play the game. I guarantee that they will never ever complain about ads.
  10. 5 star?
    Todd Barton
    I have been playing this game alot recently and it has been a great game, however today when I try to start the game I get a black screen for about 5 seconds and then the game crashes. Hope it gets fixed.
  11. Don't support this game
    Christopher Norberg
    Another pay-to-make-less-tedious game. Don't support this business model or the developer. They truly deserve this rating and many more from others.
  12. Good but...
    William Touchstone
    Game continuously crashes...I have to delete and reinstall...loosing everything not saved on the cloud. Fix this...and 5 stars all the way.
  13. Start up
    Sean Kroah
    The game is awesome but it leaves me on the title page that says Castle Storm free to siege and won't load past that. Please fix.
  14. My favorite game
    Ixi Rium
    It is good engineering rules for shootings.
  15. Complement of the game and please help...
    Alexander Abdullaev
    So cool. This game combine troops attack with TD style and castle destroying with angry birds style Good game. Hopefully you will more games which are good like this :-) Also I would like to add that you Always reply to people who has problem with the game And that's good! Also on my progress single player mode (where I play offline)The game started to be slower and sometimes crash because my RAM is full. Make it consume less storage and more better for low coast devices like mine.
  16. Game Freezes after 1 minute
    Shenaj Aliji
    I am not able to experience the game after 1 minute of gameplay the game freezes and then crashes. Every time i try to play it does the same thing. I don't know what the problem is , so please come with an update wich can fix this problem and many other problems that other users have.
  17. Awesome
    Have it on the Xbox, only microtranactions I'm gonna get behind. Love the stuff you guys make! Great art, funny story, and awesome game play!
  18. Fails to sync with cloud when opening
    Vedrit Mathias
    The app constantly fails to sync with the cloud when the app is loading. It'll sync in the menu, which forces the game to reload and again fail syncing
  19. Started out really great
    Nicolo Lorena
    But force closes all the time now in the tap to continue part, before you play the game. Eats up a lot of RAM too. I closed all other apps, cleared my RAM, used CM to free some more RAM. Initial RAM before opening this app is 1.27gb but when I opened it (then force closed), RAM went up to 2.01gb. That kind of memory usage is what I use when I open several apps (chrome, fb, music, viber..). Makes my galaxy note tab 10.1 very hot too at 72°.
  20. Super Fun
    Christopher Carroll
    Great game. Amazing graphics. Easy to play. A little tough on phones but on tablets it works like a dream.


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