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Mr Nijjer | Head Fund Manager

London, United Kingdom |

Tamas Balog | Head of Studio at Zen Studios

Hungary area |

Bobby Loertscher | Community Manager at ZEN Studios

San Francisco Bay Area |

Steven Hopper | Director of Communications at ZEN Studios

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 94,056

  1. Brilliant
    jason crighton
    Zen Pinball and Pinball Arcade are brilliant. I own every table and both apps will be forever installed on my phone. New tables are fantastic, more Please more more more!
  2. Great game, affordable tables
    Nate Muench
    I love this game. The pinball physics are pretty good. Graphics are cool looking. Also, the additional tables you can buy are affordable, unlike that other Pinball game available for Android.
  3. Superb game but no full screen?
    Graeme E
    The best Android pinball game and the tables are reasonable to buy. I don't like Star Wars or South Park so buy tables like the new Wild West, Tesla and some Marvell ones. Would be better if it used googles Incognito mode as i have to mind not hitting the screen buttons. LG G Pad 8.3 on 4.4.2
  4. Potential...
    Neil Moriarty
    Could have been great, but the ball seems to always be drawn to the gap between the flippers. Also I have played on a number of different devices of varying specifications, and all seem to have lag on the flippers. Close, but no cigar. Update: Wild West even worse than the others. Ball down the side channels just about every time. Worthless. Paranormal comfortably the worst of the bunch. Every channel or even the ball launch goes straight down the middle of the flippers. WHY??
  5. Don't buy ANY tables (I was wrong, PROBLEM SOLVED)
    Miltiadis Mangiridis
    I've bought several tables couple years ago and suppose I should be able to have them back anytime. I've re-install the game but I can't have back those tables. "No tables to restore". An explanation would be nice... (AFTER THE SUPPORT AND THE GREAT EFFORTS FROM ZEN STUDIO TEAM I GOT BACK MY TABLES AND I CAN PLAY AGAIN THIS AMAZING PINBALL GAME!! THANKS!!!)
  6. Best pin ball game for android.
    Robert Williams
    Its a great game. To bad the tables cost so much, but worth the money. Need some new tables more often.
  7. Nice Pinball but,
    Roy Mather
    I really Like Zen Pinball. I have it on most of my portable devices and PC. The tables are really great and unique, and also a lot of fun to play! Two Favorites are Pasha and Epic Quest which I highly recommend you get :) My biggest issue with it though is blurriness on the Galaxy Tab S. It just looks like the entire game is rendered with a blur around everything. Maybe you guys can look into this, or make a option for sharper image? Also, I wish you could make a cross platform account to have to avoid re-buying the tables. Would be nice to just log into a Zen account, then have access to the tables you purchased across all owned devices.
  8. So addicting!
    jon sanderson
    I love this game. There is a huge variety of tables and the physics is prefect. All of the tables are very reasonably priced. Only thing is I would like to be able to try the tables before I buy them.
  9. Love it!!!
    Sharon Hines Hofinger
    Only a few tables are hard for me to keep the ball in play. I have bought all of the tables except the different teams in the soccer tables. I'm grateful for all the work put into these tables and the price for each is fair. There are deep rules on some of the tables and others are more for fun, for the pleasure of playing pinball. Well done I say, well done. I recommend this to any of my friends who enjoy pinball.
  10. My favourite game
    Sarah Kilner
    Sorcerer"s Lair is my favourite game. Great graphics & sounds. I like how affordable the other tables are too from Zen. I have a few of the Star Wars tables but haven't got into them like I have Sorcerer's Lair because it is so enjoyable & free flowing time goes by fast leaving no time for Star Wars yet!!
  11. Best pinball on android no equal without a doubt end of story
    Logan Allan
    Throughly enjoying the quality and selection of well thought out table design. Brilliant just brilliant. Thanks ZEN PINBALL.
  12. Brings back memories
    john carter
    The themed tables brings back some memories of when you had to watch other people play to figure out how to beat their score.
  13. Please fix
    I love Zen Pinball, however, just now, i purchased two tables, Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron and Zen's Tesla and both tables wont download. I need help. I tried reinstalling, and even restoring the phone to factory settings and now I can no longer restore any table. This is getting frustrating. I emailed and tweeted you guys but still no response.
  14. I don't even like pinball...
    Ethan Rampton
    ...but this is ridiculously entertaining. Comes with one free table, and the others are cheap in-app purchases (which I normally loathe, but here it makes sense).
  15. To much b.s. just to start the game.
    Sarahann Catania
    Uninstalling after just installing. They can stick this game and all there other games they've made where the sun doesn't shine! No zen studios ltd games for me. K buhbye.
  16. Fun game
    James VonBosse
    Very cool pinball game but pricey. Wish you could play more than 1 machine for free.
  17. Awesome
    Sean Denis
    Great app fun pinball kinda sucks you only get one free table but all of the tables I've boughten are well worth the money
  18. Won't let me buy any tables.
    aRcTiiC Frostbite
    I will rate five stars when this is fixed. I am playing on an HTC Desire 610.
  19. Its fun but...
    You can only play one machine unless you buy the next ones. I think if you could get some high score, you could open up another one and the machines. Other than that its fun!
  20. Pinball junkie
    Joe Olson
    Love almost every table. The part I hate is that you have to pay for upgrades and you don't even know what or why you need or want.


What`s new

- Minor bugfixes
- Stability improvements
- Fixed an issue with table downloads on older devices

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