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Reviews 2,896

    Kevin Remington
    Love it great sound effects the only thing is if you have a small screen I wouldn't recommend the game only because it's hard to push the area for operating the arms I'm using the Alcatel OneTouch and it's hard to operate the arms on this phone however I found that keeping your thumbs together in the designed area for operating the arms is the best technique in doing so ;-)
  2. Addicting
    Renaas Omer
    It's a really fun game and runs well with no issues on my smartphone.
  3. Tano Shaman
    Was this done on purpose so that I would pay in-app purchases? The game looks good and all, but what the hell with the controls? I am playing this on a Samsung Tab Pro 12.1
  4. Will Czaja
    I am enjoying the game, I haven't played a game of pinball in years.
  5. Top edition to digital pinball.
    Pa zuzu
    Sure to impress with possibilities to keep me entertained, endlessly. Nice one guys.
  6. Loved it
    Ethan Pantino
    But i give you one star it keeps me downloading it and it having errors
  7. Craig Kenworthy
    Like a lot of pinball games on phones / tablets it's difficult to play without just randomly hitting the ball. Not much skills or aim involved
  8. Glenn Ryan
    Shame after buying an app ....they look for more money off you to continue on playing
  9. I would gladly pay for in-app purchases BUT....
    Tim Ruggles
    The "tilt" penalty needs to go away!!! Is this a convenient way to waste balls and encourage in-app purchases? At first, I thought that perhaps I tapped the screen too hard. But then, it occurred to me that it really shouldn't matter! "Tilting" the device can't affect the game, nor should it! Uninstalling and will check back to see if this gets fixed. What a bummer, it's a really great game. I spend about $50 a month on in-app purchases.
  10. Nice table but....
    Thomas Ruckman
    Why when I bought this it doesnt show up in my Zen Pinball app? It created a separate app and instead of just opening up in my Zen Pinball app I have to open it in a "The Walking Dead Pinball" app? Then says I have to rebuy it to open it in my Zen Pinball app.
  11. Michael Wallace
    It's a pretty cool game take so long to get to the next board but not bad
  12. The Walking Dead Is An Instant Classic!
    Anthony Nintendo
    Originally Played The Tell Tale Game On PS3, This Is An Excellent Pinball Port!
  13. Would like refund, didn't work correctly
    Coye Hoth
    Bought today and played it on Samsung phone and tablet, or rather tried to. On both of them, couldn't get the flippers to work properly and lost balls repeatedly. It becomes frustrating and defeats the whole purpose of playing. I have several pinball games and there are no problems with the flippers working, so it's not operator error, plus it wouldn't happen repeatedly. Would like a refund please.
  14. Good game.
    Bangkok BKK
    Will probably end up buying all these..
  15. Walking dead pinball
    Josh Border
    Love it, I should be doing other things, but. .....
  16. Fun game.
    Karissa Nuno
    The only thing that frustrated me is that my right arm will not move most of time. Even when I'm pressing on it. It just makes a buzzing noise. Causing me go lose balls all the time.
  17. Walking dead
    Daniel Fanara
    Its not a bad game could be better
  18. OMG tilt much
    David Mason
    The game tilts if you fart while playing it!
  19. Immersive mode
    Jim Thibault
    How long has immersive mode been available a year or two, yet why do I see Android soft keys playing this game?
  20. This is 1st Class Pinball, can I play this on my PC?
    Jay Goodie
    I have 'BlueStacks' installed on my desktop computer BUT can't get this game to work, is this a problem that only I am experiencing? I have bought and paid for this game on my tablet but can't seen to play on my pc, is there a way around this?? It looks to be a good game but would be better on a bigger screen imo


What`s new

- Fixed an issue regarding offline high-scores
- Fixed an issue regarding sleep mode on some devices
- Interface improvements