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Mr Nijjer | Head Fund Manager

London, United Kingdom |

Tamas Balog | Head of Studio at Zen Studios

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Bobby Loertscher | Community Manager at ZEN Studios

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Steven Hopper | Director of Communications at ZEN Studios

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  1. Good
    Dylan Quinn
    It's a good app don't crash not bad and it hasn't asked me for money whitch I enjoy
  2. Only if the controls are easier
    chlorie Kim
    I know there are some hiddenrequests but the control panel is too hard to operate can we just push the central so that we can actually play and see the action??
  3. Awesomeness
    Scott Whalen
    G'day users, all whom dare to buy this game my first purchase on line with play store. Wicked results. Great game I'm a huge southpark fan amd iam 31 yrs. Great game this won't be my last purchase. Lol
  4. Great Game I'm Super Cereal!
    Rev. G
    South Park Pinball, brilliantly mixes old & new episodes of the show, into the game. Both tables are super sweet! I think, I play on the Butters table sometimes, just to hear, "Work Mexican Work" Any true fan of 'South Park' will enjoy playing the game!
  5. Worth the price
    Aaron Ahearne
    These guys always make great pinball games. Couldn't ask for much more. Awesome.
  6. Thought it was great!
    Matt Canova
    Great controls, sounds are hilarious and the price was reasonable. South Park fans need this game.
  7. This game gives me raging clues...
    Ewan Ritchie
    Best south park game since stick of truth!
  8. Impressed
    Johnny Orlich
    Not just a money grab. Good game
  9. Quietly impressed 4*
    Jonathan Macready
    Never liked south park on the TV but this game is great. The tables are very bright and colorful, ball is a little fast for me and maybe to much going on that you can miss them combos. Prefer 2 good tables than 4 boring ones.
  10. Love this game!
    Ben Feemster
    Awesome game! I hope that they make more character themed stages. I'd prefer a Kenny stage that works around his life/horrible death cycle, but I'll take what I can get.
  11. Donna F
    I like the pinball game but buying it for 3.99 and only getting two machines is a waste of money. When j can get others for free.
  12. James Barton
    SWEET!!! Finest pinball I have ever played.
  13. Great for fans of the TV show.
    Kevin Peterson
    I really like all the character voices and the short stories that they tell. The game itself is fun to play.
  14. Great game
    Vicente Perez
    Pay extra 4 coin not a good thing 4 a paid app
  15. I am a mega fan of south park
    Kenneth Brunstein
    I don't have to go to the bar to play this game it's just like the real one.
  16. Great
    Sam Marks
    Great game but needs more free tables!
  17. Love It, best game on Android
    BoltAction Nation
    Best pinball game hands down, especially the butters board. Well done. New boards or additions in the future would be cool.
  18. Really Disappointed
    Leeanne Golka
    I tried to open it on two devices but it was stuck on "checking the license". I dont really want a refund, I would've rather played.
  19. Only 2 tables For 4 bucks? Who cares? Worth every penny!
    bruce york
    This is a fantasticly fun Pinball game! Its got smooth gameplay and great graphics. I own Pinball Arcade by Farsight studios that has all the old Gotlieb classics its awesome just like real pinball. These devs have done just as good of a job with This South Park pinball game. Pinball Arcade is awesome and so is this one. We get 2 games for 4 bucks and Farsight charges 4.99 for 1. The developers of this game should be very proud of this amazing South Park Pinball game A+++++ job guys! hope to see more.
  20. Fantastic games!
    Kevin Read
    I am a lover of true, old-fashioned pinball games, the ones I used to love way back in the arcade halls. I love pinball arcade! However, I stumbled across these two tables, played them a few times, and can say that they are really awesome. They may not be originals, but they definitely play as originals. Not only that, they have great graphics and wonderful sound effects. I'm not a big lover of South Park, but OMG, if I was I'd be in heaven. One comment I would like to make is that the camera angles are all very similar: I would love a much lower camera angle. Otherwise, i cannot fault theses tables. BTW The price for the two tables in English money is £2.50. That's the equivalent of one pint of beer! That is NOT too much to pay for such awesome entertainment! I love it!


What`s new

- Fixed an issue regarding offline high-scores
- Fixed an issue regarding sleep mode on some devices
- Interface improvements



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