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Mr Nijjer | Head Fund Manager

London, United Kingdom |

Tamas Balog | Head of Studio at Zen Studios

Hungary area |

Bobby Loertscher | Community Manager at ZEN Studios

San Francisco Bay Area |

Steven Hopper | Director of Communications at ZEN Studios

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 8,927

  1. Misleading!
    Joe Mendiola
    I thought I was buying the AntMan table, which is the only one I wanted, but I ended up getting the Avengers table. I now have to pay extra for the AntMan table. The icon is very misleading. My reply to Zen Studios: Change the app icon!
  2. Zen just lost my goodwill
    Lance Becker
    The download does not match the preview and I am very disappointed with this purchase. Zen is advertising AntMan but only after purchasing the standard game can you download and PURCHASE that table. Zen is misleading its customers and by replying that they are trying to be transparent does not correct the wrongful action they have made. Never again will I purchase an app from this studio. Misleading your market about your product is shady and wrong.
  3. Very cool
    Awesome game. To those other people that cried they didn't get the game they expected. STFU WA WA WA! !!!
  4. Misleading icon
    Pak Tsui
    I already own avengers pinball on ios.. bought this thinking I was getting antman.. Disappointed..
  5. Thought I was buying Ant-Man
    Matthew Thompson
    The icon made me think I was purchasing the Ant-Man table from the Google sale, but after buying and downloading, I only have the Avengers table. This was very misleading.
  6. Thought it was AntMan...
    Bobby Meeks
    Avengers only. Not AntMan as the icon would suggest. Avengers for 50c isn't bad I suppose... But not what I was after. To top that, it doesn't transfer with your other Zen tables in the main game. So you will have to have both apps installed. Sad...
  7. $$$
    Dominic Fiandra
    Only 1 table for 1$ then 2$ for every other table. Way to pricy for a cell phone game. I regret wasting 1$ on this. Edit 7/24/15 still wayyyyyyyyyy over priced. 22 tables at 2$ a pop is $42. I can go buy a PS4 game for that price tag. I would gladly pay 5$ for all marvel tables but 42$ is just way over priced.
  8. Only 1 table
    Dmitri Vassiliev
    Thought I'd be at least able to unlock another without paying, but nope. Also, your thumbs really start to hurt after playing a while.
  9. Brian Noakes
    MAKE SURE TO READ DESCRIPTION the icon will make you think your getting the Ant man table and your getting the avenger table Very misleading
  10. Unable to play
    Christine Tsuei
    Just bought this game, cannot pass verify account. Would like a refund please.
  11. Misleading description
    Edward Fraley
    Thought I was buying the Ant-Man table and got The Avengers table-which I already had on Xbox 360. Fun game, however, if not a bit frustrating at times. I won't be downloading any more tables, though.
  12. Good pinball
    Glenn Bonser
    Why do you have to pay twice? Once for marvel and once for zen.
  13. happy
    Jeffrey shaul
    I now think that my phone is to cheap. I find that all the games are quite fun to play when my phone wants to work. Thank you and I will be buying more in the future.
  14. This Ain't Your Sexy Granny's Pinball
    Sigit Selandono
    Going to a pinball parlour in my country is forbidden so this game truly fixes my thirst of becoming a pinball wizard.
  15. Samsung Galaxy S4
    Dennis B-Man
    The other Commenter was slightly wrong. If there are 22 Tables and they're $0.25 each, then the total for all Tables SHOULD BE $5.50. Not $42.
  16. Rip off
    Max Rosner
    Oh boy, oh sale for $1 for 1 table and come to realize that is ONLY table you get. All additional tables are $2 each. Such a complete waste. BOO!!
  17. Wrong game given...
    Joshua Land
    I bought this, expecting the ant man table. It gave me the avengers table and said I had to purchase any man still.
  18. Derek Walter
    One-time authentication issue resolved. Still should be a bit zippier, but otherwise a solid game.
  19. Bait and switch
    Dat Nguyen
    Thought I was buying antman table. Got anywhere instead which I already have on zen.
  20. No unlocking tables
    Charles Valencia
    I thought when getting this game will let me unlock other tables but instead I got to purchase a table. I thought the in app purchases are buying powerups, skins or just getting a new table without collecting coins. Have some sort of coins to collect to unlock tables. The prices of the tables are not worth buying. I'm stuck playing the avengers table. Gets boring fast


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