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Reviews 1,012,727

  1. Quan Truong
    Punches dont come when thrown and blocking dont block half the time........i have a record of 160-0 with 159 knockouts and complete all championship without spending a just take a little time
  2. Punch Boxing
    Greg Clark
    Making a purchase of game bucks is supposed to make the game ad free. Mine was ad free until I shut the game down and restarted it. The ads have been back ever since. Fix the glitch and I'll give it 5 stars. Thanks.
  3. I can get my old saved game
    john george
    I just got this phone and re downloaded this game and there is no way to get my purchase or log in please help. I will give a better rating when fixed
  4. Unresponsive on defence part at times
    tabish bagkari
    Need to fix the rage punch as it always puncher left hook only y it doesn't allow to punch right or some other punches also need to fix blocking as after blocking still some punches are hit and energy level go down quickly as compared to cpu competitor
  5. Money Grab
    Josh Dixon
    A clear money grab by developers. The amount of time you constantly have to spend waiting, the constant shortage of money, amount of ads, and game mechanics all go to show for this. Blocking and dodging and terribly unresponsive, and it is balanced in such a way to lure players to spend money to be able to compete at any decent level with the AI's. Find a better time killer than this if you don't want to empty your wallet for a short time and small amount of satisfaction.
  6. Runs a little slow
    William Key
    Tons of memory on my phone, nothing else lags but this game still runs slow. In a game that requires timing that's a killer.
  7. Game is rigged
    Manoharan Rathinam
    The higher you go in career your defence becomes less responsive. Think the idea is to make us shell out more money in upgrades. Not ethical.
  8. William Flores
    You don't recover when you ko your opponent and i don't know what is wrong with the judges when you clearly land more punches than you'd opponent yet you still lose the round and no matter what you do in the round the first judge will never give you the round. Oh n how is it that my opponent throws no punches after the 4th round and wins by decision?
  9. Great ! One of the best...
    Ozie Thomas
    But when u win a match u should get more coins. & getting a bit better on the blocking & make the hits a bit unique by giving them special punches for each one. But overall love it ! ...
  10. It's a good Fighter game.
    Christian Mae
    Even though it's slow, has no story, etc. It's actually a pretty good game. Good graphics, okay animations, and overall a good game, and I hope you enjoy it yourself.
  11. Punch Boxing
    Xolela Gwangqa
    I've enjoyed the game & all the career challenges. The only disappointing thing is the point system isn't rewarding u with enough cash to customize ur fighter
  12. Nice graphics - lousy game
    Greg Gresik
    I'd probably give it 5 stars, but it's clearly rigged. As others have said, the block button is "inconsistent" (it lights up - but your hands stay down and you take a rage right in the face). Even if you do have it up, it drops right before the rage. Weak. Also, there are oddly some opponents you can't beat even if you are 100+ higher in every category and have multiple skills- makes no sense. Judge 1 is rigged. Any purchases with real $ are WAY over priced. Could be 5 stars - just too much AI cheese.
  13. Awesome and fun
    Kenny eL
    I would like to see more damage on the fighters faces as they get pummeled. Maybe add more training activities like jump rope or an ab workout.. Also, it takes too long to increase their attributes. Please fix and I'll gladly give 5 stars. Otherwise, the game is very will done.. The best boxing app by far that I have seen.
  14. It's fun, but could easily be better.
    Brandon Haines
    So I'm still early in the game, but I've realized a few things already. 1) blocking only works maybe 20-30% of the time, 2) your opponent has more range of motion while you have to stand there like an idiot getting hit, 3) if you do well and actually beat on your enemy, he just gets more rage punches, I get hit on average with 3 a round. Also 4) your opponent seems to be able to activate rage punch and the clinch in the middle of my rage punch and totally cancelling out my hits. Please fix.
  15. It's Ok
    Justin Howard
    It's OK but everything that you want or need cost money or a lot of gold its like its forcing you to spend money don't expect forcing to pay money will work. Also make to where you can fight other players online than I might think of spending and giving it five thx. ☺☺☺☺
  16. Isn't the best game
    Joel Sepulveda
    It's too expensive to train a figther, and the graphics have medium quality. I need a lot of money to build a good boxer. The app have a lot of trash ads. The game is too simple, and do not represents a challenge for me. Maybe you need to consider other kind of apps, because this app motivates to erase it in one week or less.
  17. Progression sucks
    Craig Myer
    Seriously. 6 hours wait between training? Everything is too expensive for rewards given. Fix the progression of the boxer.
  18. Easy to play
    Shalysa Gavin
    Easy to play, laggy and slow sometimes. Great time killer
  19. One of the most useless game available in the store
    Somnath Mohapatra
    Seriously the game designer designed the game in such a way that you can't win the more you progress as your opponents would be much stronger ,.plus the rewards are meagre ,you gonna have to spend cash to get reward .pure deceiving tactics by the game developer to earn money .shitty game should be thrown away from Google store. Real boxing is million times better than it
  20. Game play
    Jerry Thao
    Game lags. Even at full energy, punches never comes when u command it. Also, with the upgrades, EVERYTHING LAGS big time.


What`s new

v1.1.1: Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

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