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Adrian Lawton | Brand Manager at Team 17 Digital Ltd

Nottingham, United Kingdom |

Aaleyah Symons | Marketing at Team17 Digital Ltd

Nottingham, United Kingdom |

Pawel Goleniewski | QA Manager at Team17 Digital Ltd

Leeds, United Kingdom |

Lélia Peuchamiel | Producer at Team 17

Wakefield, United Kingdom |

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  1. Favorite
    Ivan Kurt Inot
    I only have 2 games in my tab. Worms 2 and pvz 2. This is my favorite game in android asside from pvz2. Thank you team 17 for making this one. And i dont encounter any problems and issues.
  2. No multi player?
    big mike
    I have tried to connect to a game for 2 days and have had no success what so ever. Great game but I will uninstall if this connection issue continues
  3. Cool game, poor controls on small screen
    Greg Nowak
    Sadly a 5 inch display is not large enough to offer comfortable play. It should say tablet only. Return option didn't work, not even within 15 minutes from the purchase.
  4. Great game.
    Luka Urh
    Great stuff. Game works perfect. There is also 2, 3 and 4 player mode. You just make 4 teams and play in hotseat mode. Multiplayer works a bit slow but its ok for plaing
  5. Refund
    Ilyas Ahmed Zahir
    I want a refund please. It's a good game, don't get me wrong, but I actually accedintally got it. It's still awesome and I have always loved worms. Thanks very much. (Edited): The 15 min refund time has passed so I can't get my refund, is there any other way i can get my money? Thanks and sorry of the trouble.
  6. Very good but...
    Caileb Baker
    The game is brilliant same kind of style to the Xbox version I play but sometimes when you want to do a double jump you do a single and you kill yourself or loose life and lose your turn. This may just be my devise though on the other hand the game is first class
  7. Reminds me of the good 'ol DS days
    Austin Lucas
    Had Worms Open Warefare on the Nintendo DS when I was much younger. Played it for hours. Ive been playing this game for a couple hours now and I like the updated visuals and effects. What I would like to see in a future update is the ability to create your own maps and a skirmish type mode where you can play on the maps you create.
  8. Great port
    Shashin Patel
    Takes a bit getting used to the controls but very fun after you learn the intricacies. Quite a few weapons from the originals as well as some new ones. However, it seems the latest update has made the game jittery, to the point where it affects ability to target and move the worms. Using this on an HTC One
  9. Just as I remember...
    Vinny Mac
    Worth the mere 99 cents. ^_^ Well polished, and playable product. Any apprehension you might have had about compatability issues should be gone. Now working fine on my Nexus 7 and S4. FRAG ON!
  10. What no p2p?
    Rory Brown
    Thank you. For making both a great port and not succumbing to the sleaze that is. You are great human beings (or robots, if you're robots)
  11. Poor multiplayer function
    Bruno Mora
    I bought the game just to play online. However the devs failed to provide a stable online gaming experience. I struggle so bad to connect or to get prople to join to my created gaming rooms. I wished I had known abput this - thus I eould not have purchased it.
  12. Always been my favourite game!
    mile zawi
    but there r som drawbacks. How about adding hardware keyboard controls for phones with hw keyboards & tablets with usb keyboards? Its really irritating how u could lose a 30min game effort cuz ur worm is at the very left of a closed terrain & u want to go left & there aint much screen-space at the left of the worm to tap, so u end up tapping the worm itself & jump towards the bomb u just threw =/ i got some screenshots to explain this & other issues/bugs. Also there r missing weapons & voices from pc ver
  13. Ahhh memories...
    Dylan Neil
    An impressive port of the original although navigating the menus can be a bit laggy/buggy and finding an online game can be a mission. Any chance of supporting kitkat immersive mode in the future?
  14. Just an awesome game
    Nigel Gotty
    Thanks so much guys,for this game, so takes me back to my childhood!!! keep up the good work!! , am that sad I have the worms set as my message notification on my phone!!! crazy right??? P.s. do u think u guys could release ""LEMMINGS"" on mobile??????????????
  15. Cant aim the reticle target
    Gary Chong
    I was a big fan of the original pc game but the touch screen controls are fiddly and it lags terribly....I am using a samsung galaxy note 3 but still it seems to have touch sensitivity issues. Such as when i want to aim, it moves my worm and when i want to jump, it walks. Played the ipad version too and it was awesome. What gives android?
  16. Fantastic but could do more.
    The game brings back fun memories and loves using sheep to destroy my enemies. I think there should of been a guide at the beginning of the campaign also proper online anywhere multiplayer is needed. Thank you for the nostalgia value
  17. Good enough
    Henrique Oka
    The touch controls make the game quite annoying to play, but it is expected and it's still the same good old Worms game. Please add Portuguese in the list of languages that the worms speaks (in the team customizing menu).
  18. Lacks some elements
    Jayce Whitehead
    I loved this game when I was younger and I would love it now except for the touch screen. Why isn't there and option to select touch screen buttons? Sometimes my characters jump to their deaths when all I wanted was to move them. Please make a change so that buttons on the screen move and aim instead of open screen commands.
  19. Not bad little too difficult
    Daniel Hakola
    Good game very entertaining. Only problem I have with it is after like level 16 the AI gets very difficult. They use the bazooka most of the time and usually hit about 99% of the time. Because of this I don't believe its worth the full charge price and a full five star rating.
  20. Terrible controls
    Niels Peters-Lauzon
    Using a Sony Xperia z2 and the tactile response makes the game basically unplayable. Full of lag and sticky controls. Please fix as the game itself is amazing!


What`s new

· Added compatibility for Android devices using x86 Intel architecture.
· Fixed a crash that occurred on certain devices when using the Sentry Gun.
· Fixed an audio issue with devices running Android version KitKat 4.4.

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