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horse simulator


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  1. Great game
    Bethany Lafford
    Thanks so much for fixing it, the horses no longer drop down dead , it is much more fun love taking it to it's food
  2. Ugh
    Lisa Reese
    I pick my horse, then what do I do
  3. Love it
    Anzia Potgieter
    It is a great game and I love horse
  4. Tayz Rolz
    Wheres the water and its dumb by the way paige
  5. Wtf. .....
    Sabrina Salazar
    I cried so much and blamed myself for the horses death....I'm a horse lover and this isn't fun...seeing a horse die like that can make someone depressed or feel like it's their fault for killing it....
    lydia D
    All you're doing is running around in a field and going over jumps. You don't feed, brush, wash, or even get to name your horse. There is no competing. You don't even get a barn. Just a stupid field with stupid jumps. And if the horse is supposed to be wild then why the hell are you able to make it jump in the first place? You don't even get to train the stupid horse. WTF!!!
  7. Boring and pretty inappropriate.
    Caley Gartee
    The horse does after hiring jumps a couple times. Very boring game with way too many obnoxious ads.
  8. Pretty Good
    Hannah Boote
    A few different horse colours and coats to choose from Graphics Decent The different horses have their own tempermant All the buttons work fine Would like to see: more things to do, ways to regain health, less ads(but I understand that you have to make some money- maybe horse related ads though?), an ability to interact with different horses and humans. Overall pretty good app!
  9. Stupid
    Pixel & Friends
    Terrible game. The horse died too easy and jumps were destroyed from knocking ONE over. Terrible game -5 ☆ don't download.
  10. BORING!!!
    Ruth Lightheart
    This game is ok, but I got bored with it after about a minute, and their are too many ads.....its annoying!!! Also if u hit too many obstacles, the horse dies!!! Personally, I do not think this game is suitable for little children as they do not want to see a horse dying!!! The horse is hard to control in the silly field!!! I love horses and I do not want to see a horse dying on a game, theirs no need for it!!! It's so stupid. The graphics are awful, the horse is hard to control, all u do is jump over things and theirs no goal. So overall....... I hated it and uninstalled it VERY quickly. It's boring and could be saddening and hurtful for some people. Do not install.
  11. No way
    This game is sad I am the #1 favorite horse fan no one can to it and this horse dies easily and it's so sad I hate it I hate it hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it!!
  12. Worst game I've ever downloaded
    Amy Crosdale
    You literally stand in a field and jump over hurdles. If you fail to do so the horse dies. Waste of my unlimited downloads.
  13. I got the app so I could comment.
    Alex Polkey
    I know how the the horse lovers feel, my favorite animals are cats, if one dies it makes me angry and sad, at who killed the cat, I punch, and stab him in the back for killing a cat.
  14. Brendan Esler
    Its totally bad you dont get to do anything it said you have to jump over gates in a circle over and over and over again and if you could rate no stars I would!
  15. Read this
    Summer Bryant
    It is OK all you do is run and jump over these fence I would have rated it better if you could tame the horse and have a person ride it
  16. Very stupid
    Brooke Hambek
    Very boring and stupid. Don't waste your time haha virtual horse is a much more fun app :)
  17. Murder
    Isabella Hollis
    You can kill the horse if you run in to too many poles and I am a #1horse fan I am unstalling this game
  18. Monica Nevels
    Good game, but all you can do is run. Ps. I love the music
  19. Dead Animal
    Morgan Sigler
    Could be exhausted while it faints but no goal. Just running around. Which would b ok for lil kids but then the horse "dies" so it makes it not good for lil kids.
  20. Sooooooooooooooooooo good
    Zoi Agueros
    I love this game but ther are so many adds


What`s new

Now you have targets to achieve. The horse will now get hungry and you have to help it get to the food.

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