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  1. The best game ever made
    J-man P
    The cars do get faster if you increase the difficulty level
  2. Not very good, considering the price
    Jesse Oosterlaak
    This isn't a good port of the original. After trying it, I actually had to dig through 16 years of old crap to find my original disc, install and patch it for Windows 7, just to make sure the game was as great as I remember and not as bad as this port. The graphics are turned down (comparable to the medium settings on the PC) and even so the framerate is low (reminder that this game was made in 1999 and should be more than able to run on current phone/tablet technology). If you've not played the original and/or don't care about poor performance, the game play is still fun and the controls aren't bad. The free version only includes 4 cars and 2 tracks. The worst thing about this app is the price. I would have considered buying it for maybe 1/4 of current price just for the convenience of not having to dig out my PC version, but there are much better racing games in the play store that are cheaper or free.
  3. Mohammad Salou
    Great and Awesome Game!!! I like it very much I played it when I was a kid in computer :) but I can't get the full cars tracks it need the full version and it is for 6,43$ So I pls make it for free! Or let it less than this price. Also ADD the Track Editor!!! It will be very good, with more real moving in the race (when u crash another car) for example. Also when finsh from race let have a view around the car.. not only far away camera ,also we click in the button back to the main menu not the touch in the screen and set the list of cars (that mean if u want to wait other cars) (make the game like the old in the computer in all things!!!) Pls.. thanks guys for this Awesome Game :) :) :)
  4. Bullshit
    Zeke M
    They made the time trial impossible to complete! I even used the fastest car in the game and it didn't help. Such a rip off.
  5. Good but...
    Bapusaheb Patil
    I only installed this because Revolt 2 wasn't working. But this works well and is exactly like the PC version that I had years ago. Mediocre graphics but good gaming interface. Really waiting for a fix for Revolt 2. That seems much better than this.
  6. Great game! But have 1 MAJOR problem!!!
    Charlie Storer
    I'm having an issue with the 'Car relocation' feature. When you shake your device your car relocates, which is what its supposed to do however when I have my volume up on my device it picks it up as me shaking my device therefore making my car relocate itself randomly! This could be fixed if instead of having to shake your device to have a button on screen somewhere instead. I'll buy the full game if this is implemented :)
  7. Terry Lee Little
    If she up and down to pay off the excitement in a EASTER eggs are dead not answering questions that are in violation the plumber to get your own company to a ed hhfhh ed hfrh cup bid.
  8. Good
    Js White
    Yeah. But I paid and there are still ads when I exit. That's being greedy. And the exit button makes my tablet think the game has crashed and asks if I want to report it.
  9. Poor Controls...
    Anil Kumar
    No Controls For Reverse Gear...If U Struck In A Corner...Thats It!!! Ur Game Is Over...
    Jamir Randle
    I can't even get in the dumb game
  11. Abdelrahman Mohammed
    It s an old game .. Why will i buy it ?? U should make it 4 free
  12. Already purchased but still can't use the features
    I have purchased the game.. But i am unable to use the features.. Items are being shown locked.. Tried multiple times..
  13. Perfect
    Orlando Gojocruz
    This is perfect for me ! I like this game
  14. Ruan Minnaar
    Good game there is nothing I could say about this game it is so good
  15. Was working...
    Kyle Van Tonder
    Extention file not found... Reinstalling doesn't work.
  16. Sucks
    Noah Corona
    You have to by the full version
  17. Classic
    Phil Estrada
    I used to play this as a kid, it's fun to have it on my phone now! Everything is exactly the same as the original, lots of fun
  18. Philip Alan Akash
    What is this game!!!! First install it, just to see that we can't use it until we buy the full version. Total waste
  19. Broken!!
    Christopher Rack
    Network error message and black screen. What an app... :-\
  20. Love it :)
    Jan Garcia
    This game is cool but it sed error in the sistum :( and in my tablet not cool can u updated please! !!!!


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