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съедобная планета


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  1. Fuckin awesome!!!!
    Robert Edwards
    Best game ever! Grow house, buckets, fields, hydroponic stations, like 30 kinds of weed helpers cops bugs everything it's just fantastic. My only suggestion is the obvious bigger planet for more weed more weed more helpers more structures and upgrades oh and its kindve difficult to obtain joints please make that a little easier
  2. Chris FreSko
    Dope game only thing i don't like is when your trying to tell the workers what to do and they're stuck where the tree is so it just keeps checking the yeild
  3. Fun game but...
    J Grav
    Not enough content... has potential to be a great game, but needs a bigger planet or multiple planets, more buildings etc...
  4. Weed Planet rocks.
    Mick Ward
    Forget the rest own the best and most realistic grow game up in here. Wanna know just how hard the farmers work to get your chronic? Buy this 5* game and get ½ a clue!
  5. Coolest game ever made
    Graphics are really good, has the perfect amount of trippy visuals, just an all about awesome game
  6. Good game
    Jason Carr
    Need to b able to spend money on more things instead of joints other then that good game
  7. Not good...
    Paul Lewis
    Hated that I can't take a break from game without losing all plants. That was the reason I quit. Would be nice to display balance of cash, joints, etc. on same screen where you are paying. Have no clue how much I have to spend! Too much zoom in/out with little space to do it. Game play way too slow, imbalanced. Seeds take way too long to grow with inappropriate return. No reason for alien theme, not really used, has no relevance in the game. Also, gets boring real fast, waiting, waiting and little reward.
  8. Hunner Cornelius
    This game is pretty freaking rad. 5 stars all the way. I wish it wasn't so glitchy though. I wish it was easier to control. But other than that, I love it. Really no complaints at all.
  9. Awesome
    Angel Portillo
    It's a really great game but a bug came up. I can't sell any weed all of a sudden. Please fix and will go back to 5 stars
  10. To easy.. Needs a little more
    Antolin Rivera
    Once your done upgrading and building everything you can. Game gets boring and slow. Needs more than one planet, and bigger space. Would be a lot better if you could make your own hash, or wax. Also should think about adding some sorta defensive buildings to fight off the pigs and bugs. That would make the game much more entertaining than it already is. It wouldn't hurt to add a shack for yourself either, so you could add a spaceship. The game is missing a good blunt cruise.
  11. Not bad
    Justin Rose
    Wish is was in Plantation form, this round thing gets old and not much rm. And where is this update that its adverising on main screen. Still same old bud and buildings as always
  12. Great game, five starts for sure
    SHIBBY tube
    I don't play many phone games, but I play this one all the time! You should definitely get it!!
  13. Roll it light it smoke it
    Isisking Isisking
    Great game. Talk about killing time...u will forget all about the time...#wifi high
  14. Weed games-update+big fix
    WiZKiD DaSaVaGe
    I love this game still playing it I'm on level 22 now but what's killing me is tha there is no more updates to the game yet I have everything upgraded and I can't do nothing but grow weed..have a lot of ideas for the game but I'm starting not to like the game no more jus because I can't really do nothing but grow weed like I said so and u can't connect to Facebook need to be fix update this game thank you guys hope to see updates soon
  15. Tons. Of fun.......
    David Manevich
    This game is tons of fun I don't normally. Play games on my phone. But it's addicting. Beats farm ville hands down. If only all things in game worked and came with instructions. I'd give it 5 stars emailed developer and no answer if I can't get it working will probably delete. Also can't find pay version if there is one thought that might be my problem.
  16. Chill
    It's a nice chill game that doesn't have much stress you just kinda go at your pace so it's a nice game to play while in a lifted state of mind ;)
  17. Potential bug
    Jack Schwarz
    Good game but my crops don't seem to grow if the app is closed or in the background. I can't leave the app for two hours to let it grow, instead I need the app open in the foreground the entire time. This a bug or deliberate? I'm not going to keep playing when I level up to the 10 hour crops, 2 hours of open screen is enough
  18. Not bad
    John Lisniak
    Its a fun game but i spun the slot game about 40 times and won three it didnt pay out 30 times im not mad about it but it could payout a lil more then it does thats why two stars till it pays more
  19. New workers
    Dylan Kraft
    You should add someone that will increase you XP so you can level up a lil faster
  20. Best ever!!!!!!
    Brianna Robar
    It needs more stuff. Like a little shop of stuff to use on ur pot. Or on ur visitors. Like all visitors are 35% faster. 5,000$ for 48hrs


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