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unblock me


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  1. Puzzle
    Daniel Goble
    Great puzzles. Not too difficult but you still have to think about your moves. The 3D spin makes out difficult to move on the direction you want sometimes. Thus does not take away from the puzzle play though. Great brain game.
  2. Somebody block me
    yadhava hindu
    Great minds boggling game feels great after unblocking each level. Good in philosophy, teaches how to unblock problems which we encounter in our lives :)
  3. Fantastic Game
    Thomas Christiansen
    A simply, mind blindingly fun game. Though I'm stuck on a level, it's a lot of fun to figure out the puzzles. I can't put the game down!!
  4. Good game
    Kelsea Hackett
    This was a simple mind game. I really loved the art style of it, and it was nicely put together. Although I got stuck a few times, and it got frustrating. I finished it in two days, and it was super easy and fun.
  5. Absolutely fantastic!
    Loreto Murray
    One of the best games I came across, make you use your brain ☺
  6. Charles Pauly
    Best puzzle game I have was challenging and i got stuck a few times but awesome. Want more levels
  7. Super cool
    Sagar Bhambhani
    Brilliant mind exercising game... Just loved this uniquely fantastic game... Desperately waiting for more... ❤
  8. Highly enjoyable!
    Fabian Wöckl
    The game is very entertaining, something that will have you say 'I'll just give it a couple of minutes' and then get you stuck for halves an hour. The best thing about it is, that even though sometimes you might think what the hell, this is unsolvable, there is always that one last angle you haven't looked at it from! Great!
  9. A few tips and my thoughts. Perfect ratio of frustration / satisfaction.
    John Karlsson
    Give the game a few minutes and you will be hooked. The orientation can be a bit clunky. Keep an eye on your move counter. And don't be shy with using the undo button. I love the feeling you get when you are sure the there is no solution, and you go on and finally solve it after several frustrating minutes. And as I said "Perfect ratio of frustration / satisfaction. " . //John
  10. Thinker
    Priscilla Johnson
    If you like brain games, this is one of them. I really enjoyed this game, and when you're stuck, just watch a short video and get the solution. Very awesome concept. Love the 3d effect. Overall, this game is great. Please make more levels, developers. Great job!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Unique concept...
    Sometime difficulties comes to rotate puzzle.... BUT not major problem ... It's awesome.....
  12. Too hard - 5 stars
    Michael Russo
    A challenging puzzle game is hard to find on any mobile game market, so finding this treasure has so far made my week. The levels are quite difficult but only a couple seem impossible at the moment, which is a good thing. I have downloaded and deleted countless puzzle apps for offering weak challenges, but this one is a keeper.
  13. Great little app
    Mike Simpson
    Good puzzles, and 3 stumped me, but I found myself hooked quickly and finished the lot in a day..
  14. Good challenge!
    Zach Zumtobel
    As quite the puzzler, this game provided me with a nice challenge. There were times where I got stuck for a few minutes, but overall it was very enjoyable. Something that would be cool would be a 'Interlock Creator' option where you can create your own variations of sliding puzzles and get a code to share them. Something like create level> get a long string of text > copy text > paste and text it to a friend > friend can play your creation. Just an idea for the devs. Keep up the good work!
  15. A whole new meaning of puzzle
    Adrian Muntean
    Excellent. Puts your brain to work. Loved it. Can be quite challenging, but it's worth it!
  16. Frickin Captivating!
    Kay Brown
    First Game / Puzzle I haven't got bored with in a while. Make more puzzles..don't stop. I'd buy them !!
  17. One of the best
    Adam Atkinson
    This is a masterpiece puzzle game. Smooth controls. Challenging levels. Well executed. Can't wait for the next one.
  18. Mind bending but additive
    Jon Hurlbut
    This way cool puzzle that make you think & keep coming back to get all 3 stars
  19. Incredibly Amazing
    Khalil Jeland Bacon
    The concept of creating a puzzle game that not only excites the mind but also challenges your instincts of whether you're doing it right or not. The 3D representation of the pieces is what makes this game even more incredible. And the designs of the pieces attracts children like they're playing toy block puzzles. This is a incredible game worthy of a 5 star. I wish your team the best of luck and I hope you wouldn't fail in entertaining us.
  20. Great game
    Ben Jansen
    Perfect difficulty and easy to progress even if you suck, 10/10


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